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Sit Much? Practice These Hip-Opening Yoga Poses

Stretch out those tight hips with these yoga moves.

We all know that practicing yoga will increase your flexibility, but many of us may not think about the hip region as a particular area that could benefit. The hips can get especially tight when you’re sitting at a desk all day long, as many of us do, and back pain can develop as a result.

You can create more flexibility, mobility, and space in the hips by practicing hip-opener yoga poses. These poses work deep into the connective tissues and require you to stay in the pose for a longer period of time. Try the poses below to get more mobility in your hips!

By Teresa Mason


Lizard Pose


Start in a Low Lunge with your right foot forward. Move your right hand to the inside of your right foot. Walk your right foot toward the outer edge of your mat. Lower your back knee to the floor and untuck your back toes. Work to draw your chest forward while keeping your neck neutral. Hold for one to four minutes and then switch sides.


Crescent Lunge


Start in a Low Lunge with your right foot forward. Bring both your hands on top of your right knee. Allow gravity to gently draw you deeper into the stretch in your hips. Lengthen your spine. Experiment with adding a slight backbend. Hold for five breaths to two minutes and then switch sides.


Side Lunge


From Tadasana, take a very large step back with your right foot. Turn to face the right side of your mat. Turn your toes out slightly, facing the corners of your mat. Bring your hands to heart center in Anjali Mudra. Bend your right knee and sit your hips back slightly. Ground your right heel. Shine your chest forward. Flex your left toes. Hold for five breaths and then switch sides.


Wide Angle Seated Forward Fold


Start seated facing the long edge of your mat. Spread your legs apart as wide as is comfortable into a “V” shape. Flex both feet. Elongate your spine. Fold forward by hinging at the hips to maintain the length in your back. Hold for one to four minutes.

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