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Yogic Mudras For Love And Mental Clarity

These Hand Gestures Will Help Set Your Mind At Ease

Sometimes we are so busy with our daily lives, that we forget to take a step back and take in our surroundings. Meditation is great way to reflect on the past, present, and future while setting your mind at ease. The problem with meditation is that is can be challenging for those of us that can’t seem to turn our brains off when needed and quiet our thoughts for more than a few minutes.

The good news is that there are ways to help us focus on our current state of mind while keeping us relaxed. Enter mudras. Mudras are symbolic hand gestures that you can use to show your intentions. The following article describes some mudras you can to refocus yourself while practicing meditation or when you feel you are losing control of your mind.

See the article below and be sure to pass these gestures along to anyone who needs help with their focus.

By Emma Mildon

Anjali Mudra, Namaste Gesture

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This divine salute is a gesture of peace, gratitude, and humility.

Bring your palms together as in prayer and rest your thumbs into your heart so that your arms run straight along your chest. This is an excellent mudra to thank those watching out for you in life and express gratitude for a teacher or lesson.

Anahata Mudra, Love Gesture

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This heart-centered gesture helps will all things love.

Softly clench your right hand and rest it over your heart. Rest your left hand on your knee or thigh. This simple but powerful mudra is good for helping ease heartache, conflict, or any negativity.

Gyan Mudra, Guru Gesture

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A gesture of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, the gyan mudra symbolizes focus and transformation.

Make a circle with both hands by bringing your thumb and index fingertips to touch and leaving your other three fingers extended. Rest them on your knees, with your palms facing up. This mudra is great for grounding and supporting the root chakra

See the full list of mudras from mindbodygreen here.

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