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Yoga Poses for an Energy Boost

Get your energy back with this 10-minute yoga sequence.

We all know what it feels like to hit that afternoon slump. You’re sitting at your desk after lunch and all of a sudden it hits you, and you feel as if you could close your eyes and take a nap right there. And you can’t possibly drink any more coffee without succumbing to the shakes. So what do you do?

Instead of relying on caffeine to get you through the rest of your day, take a 10-minute break from your desk and give this energizing yoga sequence a try. Doing yoga is a great way to get your blood flowing and allow your energy to flow freely, so you feel more focused and energized throughout the entire day.

By Michelle Stanger


Downward-Facing Dog


Downward Facing Dog is actually an inversion since your head is below your heart. Inversions work wonders to increase your body’s circulation and boost energy. Your heart will have to work just a little bit harder in this yoga pose and that will in turn energize your body and reduce fatigue.


Low Lunge


Low Lunge stimulates your mind and body because it requires strength and concentration to find your balance in this pose. Low Lunge stretches the hips and psoas, releases stagnant energy in your heart space and increases blood circulation.


Tabletop Pose


Table Top Pose will not only warm up your shoulders and activate your core, but give you the opportunity to become aware of your spine. Envision how your chakras align along your spine and the energy they can bring to the body. We can use Table Top Pose to gently move and awaken the energy along our spine.


Camel Pose


Backbends are known to energize the body because they invite us to be open and vulnerable – releasing much of the energy we keep stored in our body.


Child’s Pose


Not only is Child’s Pose restorative and a great counterpose after Camel Pose, it also gives you the opportunity to reset and calm the mind. Stimulating your third eye chakra by placing it on the mat can increase clarity, concentration and intuition.


Locust Pose


As a backbend, Locust Pose has the same heart opening and energetic release as Camel Pose. Locust Pose also strengthens the back and counteracts any stress or fatigue from poor posture or long hours sitting at a desk.


Warrior II


Warrior II helps boost energy by increasing circulation and energizing tired arms and legs. The power and stamina gained from holding this posture will ignite, motivate and inspire your inner warrior.


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