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Yoga And Impact On Stress

Findings On Yoga’s Impact On Stress

Have you ever wanted to know where stress comes from and how you can better deal with it day to day?The following article explains how stress originates from the brain and why doing yoga can reduce the levels of stress your brain creates. It’s amazing to think that you can rewire your brain over time to eliminate the stress in your life.


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By Dr M Storoni MD PhD – There are two functional parts of the brain that play a key role in stress. These serve the functions of emotion and cognitive function.

The emotional brain is able to initiate a ‘stress response’ via the sympathetic nervous system which culminates in adrenaline and cortisol racing through our circulation.The logical brain is always trying to ‘turn-off’ this stress response and it is also trying to restrain the emotional brain. The stronger our logical brain, the better it becomes at doing these two things.  So a strong logical brain goes hand in hand with relaxation.

Everytime we are holding a posture our logical brain is being activated“Everytime we are holding a posture our logical brain is being activated”

Training the stress circuit

Yoga is training this entire stress circuit at two levels. First, every time we are ‘holding’ a posture, staying very still to concentrate or trying to balance, our logical brain is being activated. When we are bending forwards, our ‘relaxation’ signal is being turned on through the ‘switches’ in the neck. So bending forwards and concentrating at the same time is triggering both the logical brain and the relaxation signal at the same time.

Rewiring the nerve connections

At the end of a series of yoga postures, the logical brain has had a ‘workout’. It is buzzing with activity. You feel mentally calm as it is keeping your emotional brain quiet. Stronger connections within the logical brain keeps the lid down on the emotional brain and the stress response. This is why yoga can be so effective at battling stress.

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