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Yoga for Asthma Relief

Find relief from your worst asthma symptoms with these poses.

If you suffer from asthma, you know how debilitating and problematic the symptoms can be. Having to worry constantly about potential flare-ups during everyday activities can be frustrating and interfere with your daily life.

Fortunately, relief from your asthma symptoms can be found through the practice of yoga. The below sequence is in no way to be seen as a cure for asthma, but the postures promote conscious breathwork through the expansion of your chest, so you will literally breathe easier. This yoga sequences is yours to manipulate as you see fit, so feel free to modify the shape or use yoga props, whatever works best for you!

By Allie Flavio


Cat + Cow Pose
Cow Pose gently opens your chest and throat while Cat Pose generates flexibility in your upper spine. Practice slowly inhaling into Cow Pose and exhaling into Cat Pose.




Sphinx Pose
Sphinx Pose strengthens your spine and expands your chest and lungs. Practice big, slow inhales and exhales here.




Cobra Pose
Slightly deeper than Sphinx Pose, Cobra Pose deepens the stretch in your chest and lungs as well as opening your heart, making it especially therapeutic for asthma relief.




Low Lunge with Bind
As you breathe deeply into Low Lunge with a bind, you’ll find a stretch in your hip flexors as well as your chest and lungs. Be mindful that your front knee does not jut out past your front ankle, creating about a 90 degree bend in your lunged leg.




Toe Crunch with Bind
One tip for this pose: breathe, breathe, breathe! Your shoes tighten up the fascia in your feet that this pose releases – and that’s not always the most comfortable sensation. Aim for three big breaths here to start and hold longer as you practice more often.

Add the bind here to continue stretching through your chest and lungs (and distract yourself from your feet!).




Camel Pose
The deepest pose of our sequence, Camel Pose is fantastic for asthma relief. This pose offers a deep stretch through the entire front of your chest, your lungs, and also provides a deep backbend.




Easy Seat with Ujjayi Pranayama
The best asthma relief is to focus on your breath. Cultivate a deep Ujjayi Breath in this Easy Seat and focus on the sensation of your lungs filling with breath.




Bridge Pose
Bridge Pose not only stretches your chest, neck and spine, but it’s also a fantastic pose for stimulating your lungs.




Supported Fish Pose
Our last and gentlest backbend, this supported posture continues the chest opening we’ve cultivated throughout this sequence. Focus on a deep breath here to stimulate and stretch your lungs as well as create a sense of release and relaxation.



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All images courtesy of Allie Flavio.

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