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How To Tone Your Arms Without Weights

No Weights Required For These Simple Exercises

We all want toned arms, but getting them can prove difficult. Yes weights can help get your arms back in shape, but we don’t always have the time to drag ourselves to the gym. Not to mention most of us do not keep free weights hanging around the house.

Fortunately, you can achieve toned arms from the comfort of your home without even lifting a single weight! Here’s how you can tone your arms without weights.

Each exercise should be done for 60 seconds and there are 5 exercises in this routine for a total of only 5 minutes! Repeat sets as you get stronger.


Exercise #1: Wall Push-Ups

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Stand up straight facing a wall, with your face about six inches away from the wall.  Place your hands on the wall shoulder width apart. Step back as far as you can with both feet on the ground. Inhale as you go down into the push-up, keeping your glutes tucked as you descend, and exhale as you push away from the wall.


Exercise #2: Floor Dips

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Sit on the floor with your knees bent and your feet and fingers facing forward, as if you’re about to do a crab walk.  Then, tighten your abs, tuck your glutes, and lift your pelvis up until your body is in a reverse tabletop position. Lower your body by bending your arms, activating your triceps. As you near the floor, keep your butt off the floor so that your core and arm muscles remain active.


Exercise #3: Half Circle Arm Rotations

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Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold your arms out parallel to the floor. With your palms facing forward, cup both hands as if you’re holding a tennis ball in each hand. Rotate your whole arm forward in a half circle so that the cupped hand goes from facing forward to facing behind you. Keep your elbows locked to maximize muscle engagement. Then, rotate back into your original position. Rotate back and forth as fast as you can.


Exercise #4: Weight-Free Rows

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Bend slightly forward by hinging at the hip. Bend your elbows at your sides, and pull your arms back without unbending at the elbow, creating a rowing motion.

Exercise #5: X Jumps

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Stand with your feet spread out shoulder width apart and your arms by your sides.  Jump up and spread your arms out over your head so that you form an “X” shape at the top of your jump.  As you land, bend your knees slightly to soften your landing.


There you have it. Now go out there and get toned!

To your health and wellness!

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