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This Women’s Instagram is Full of Nude Yoga Poses

How She Is Able To Post These Will Amaze You

Nude Yoga has gained popularity over the last year. This form of Yoga, as its name implies is practiced totally nude, which makes it hard to show others interested in trying this style of Yoga how to practice it. Many sites have restrictions on nudity and Instagram is one of them. So how does someone get around these restrictions?

Meet nudeyogagirl, at least that is her username on Instagram. See how she has been able to comply with Instagram’s nudity guidelines, while showing the world how truly artful the practice of nude Yoga is.

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By Hannah Poindexter –

She carefully plans each photo with poses and shadows to comply with Instagram’s nudity guidelines, but has had to edit out visible nipples in some photos.

Instagram – nude_yogagirl

While her boyfriend technically snaps each photo, she explains that she sets up the shoot, lighting, and poses all on her own.

Instagram – nude_yogagirl

The black and white color scheme was chosen for its minimalist feel and to bring attention to the art, rather than the nudity.

Instagram – nude_yogagirl

“I want to inspire people to try yoga, and maybe they can also find body acceptance from there. Fitness is a big trend at the moment, but it’s all about shaping your body. Yoga is about your inner feelings about yourself.”

Instagram – nude_yogagirl
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Image sources from Instagram
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