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This Simple Trick Will Flatten Your Tummy

Get A Thinner Waist With This Simple Exercise

There is a simple technique that is actively used in yoga to help you slim down your waist in only a few weeks. This move not only will make your waist thinner, but also strengthens your core ab muscles. The more you practice this exercise, the faster you will see results.

Just perform the following steps below each day and you will start seeing results. Incorporate this into your normal exercise routing for best results.

See the steps below!


The minimum number of repetitions is – 5.

1.Starting Position: Lie on your back, let the arms lie along the body, your bent knees should be on the floor, and the muscles should be relaxed.

Slowly exhale, releasing air from the lungs, and meanwhile, not straining the muscles.

  1. Freeing air from the lungs, start to strain the muscles of the stomach, trying to suck in as much as possible. Stop the breathing during it.

Fix the lower part of the abdomen for 10-15 seconds, then, take a small breath, continuing to pull in the stomach.

Yoga Tune-up with Jill Miller

  1. Breathe a little, do not rush to relax your stomach – strain the muscles of the stomach and hold your breath for another 10-15 seconds, then again, inhale, maintaining the muscle tension
  2. Exhale, relax your stomach, do some free-breath exhalation, then re-release air from the lungs, stomach and pull your belly in as much as you can.

Stretch the muscles of the stomach, and then free the stomach upward, without inhalation.



Have you tried this exercise and seen results? Share your thoughts with us. To your health and well being!

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