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Feeling Bloated? Try Eating These…

Prevent Bloating Symptoms By Eating These Foods

Bloating is never a fun feeling. It can be very uncomfortable and leave you feeling miserable. Bloating is caused when the body retains excessive fluid or when gas gets trapped and builds up in your digestive system. To avoid bloating, you need to avoid foods that are known to cause bloating and consume more of the foods that help fight these uncomfortable symptoms.

Read on to see which foods you should start including in your diet to aid in relieving bloating and gas build up, while also reducing excessive fluid in your system.

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Eat Your Fiber  
Fiber can help you maintain a healthy weight, make you feel fuller for longer, and if eaten properly, reduce bloating. This is because fiber can help aid digestion and keep you regular (you know what we mean). If you’re not going number two regularly, you’re constipated and can have excess gas buildup in the colon—aka bloating.

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That fiber we were talking about earlier? Yeah, your average, raw strawberry is packed with it and, if eaten in moderation, can help promote digestion and fight bloating. Strawberries are also high in vitamin C, making them one of the top immunity boosting foods.

Add a few cut up strawberries to your oatmeal, lunchtime salad or afternoon snack.   Be sure to eat strawberries and other fruits in moderation, as they do have natural sugars, which if eaten in excess can cause gassiness and bloating.

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Eating yogurt, which is loaded with probiotics, introduces good bacteria to your gut. This bacteria helps you better break down food and helps keep your digestive system moving and in balance.

Tired of your usual plain yogurt afternoon snack? Try one of these flavorful recipes for healthy Greek yogurt dips and spreads.

If you’re lactose intolerant or if you’re sensitive to dairy and it causes you to bloat, you can take a probiotic supplement instead.

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Boosting your fiber intake can help prevent and combat bloating, and eating spinach is a smart way to do that. Not only is spinach full of fiber, but it’s one of those incredible superfoods that can do so much more for your body as well. Think clearer skin, improved immune system, etc. (More here on which superfoods you should be eating).

Important note: Since eating raw vegetables can actually trigger bloating in some people, you’ll want to opt for cooked spinach as it’s easier for your digestive system to breakdown.

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Full of water, asparagus acts as a diuretic to rid your body of excess fluid, but it’s also great because it promotes the growth of good intestinal bacteria, which can help aid proper digestion.

Registered dietitian Samantha Lynch also recommends adding asparagus to your diet because of its high thermogenic properties (digesting the food burns more calories than are in the food itself) and it won’t spike your insulin. Translation? Asparagus can boost your metabolism and keep you feeling satiated without feeling sluggish.

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