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Suffer From Migraines? These 4 Asanas Can Help!

These Poses Will Ease Your Pain!

For those of us that have had a migraine, you know how uncomfortable they can be. Migraines can present themselves in different ways. In some, you may experience temporary blurred vision along with sensitivity to light. Others suffer from pain and discomfort. Migraines generally come from being stressed out and overwhelmed. If you deal with migraines, one of the best ways to treat them is through prevention techniques. One of these techniques is yoga!

If you practice yoga on a consistent basis, you can keep away these painful headaches.

The following article offers 4 poses that you can start doing today that can help you gain relief from migraines.

See the asanas below and be sure to pass these along to anyone in your life suffering from migraines.


2. Standing Forward Bend:

image source: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

A forward bend calms the mind. It also boosts blood supply to the brain, vitalizing the nervous system.

Start the pose by standing straight, legs placed shoulder width apart.
Raise your hands slowly and stretch your spine upwards.
Here, begin to bend gradually until your hands touch the floor.
At this point your head should touch the knees.
If your hands cannot reach the floor, you can hold the ankles.
Breathe normally during the pose. Maintain it for a few minutes, depending upon your comfort level.

4. Bridge Pose:


Image: Shutterstock

Bridge pose relaxes the mind, controls blood pressure, calms your brain and decreases anxiety.

  1. Lie down flat on your back on the floor.
  2. As you exhale, push your hips upwards, away from the floor.
  3. Use your hands, placed at your sides, for support.
  4. Keep the feet firmly on the ground, ensuring your back and hips are raised.
  5. The head and neck are still flat against the floor.
  6. For added balance, push your hands down and clasp the fingers just below your back.
  7. Hold the pose for 5 breaths.

6. Lotus Pose:

Lotus-PoseImage: Shutterstock

This is a cross-legged posture, which, when implemented, looks like a lotus. It is a meditating yoga posture that helps calm the mind.

  1. Sit on the floor with your back straight and legs stretched out.
  2. Here, bend the right knee and place the foot over the left thigh.
  3. Keep your heel close to the abdomen, with sole facing upwards.
  4. Now place the left foot over the right thigh.
  5. The feet are placed on the opposite thighs, while the legs are crossed.
  6. Hold your hands outwards, palms pointing up.
  7. Join your thumb with the index finger for both hands as you hold the pose.
  8. Take deep long breaths while you stay in the position.

8. Corpse Pose:

 Image: Shutterstock

The corpse pose allows you to experience complete relaxation. It is used to cool down and rejuvenate yourself after performing the other poses. The pose also relieves stress.

  1. Here, you lie down on your back with the legs straight and hands by the side.
  2. Keep the palms face up and leave all limbs relaxed.
  3. Slowly, feel each part of your body getting lighter.
  4. Face upwards but keep the eyes closed.
  5. Focus on your breathing.
  6. In time, the breathing slows down, becoming deep and steady.
  7. Welcome the sense of peace that comes with it.
  8. Stay in the pose till you feel completely relaxed.

See the full list of poses from stylecraze here.

To Your Health & Wellness!

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