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Strengthening Yoga Sequence for a Year-Round Beach Body

Keep your summer beach body all winter long with these yoga poses.

The holiday season is here, and with it comes food. Lots and lots of food. It can be easy to eat poorly and spend less time at the gym this time of year, which leads to putting on a few extra pounds. This year, don’t let that bikini body you worked hard all summer forĀ disappear! Yoga can be used to maintain that beach body all year round.

The below yoga flow will help you to save your awesome summer body by keeping your butt, thighs, abs and upper body nice and toned. Incorporate these poses into your daily yoga sequence.

By Jessie Benson


1. Chair Pose
What it tones: Thighs, calves, spine and arms




2. Piston Plank
What it tones: Abs, upper body




3. Crescent Lunge
What it tones: Thighs, calves, core




4. Warrior II Pose
What it tones: Thighs, glutes




5. Goddess Pose
What it tones: Thighs and glutes




6. Bridge Pose
What it tones: Glutes and hamstrings




7. Eagle Crunches
What it tones: Abs and lower back




8. Boat Pose
What it tones: Abs, obliques, back and thighs




9. Dolphin Pose
What it tones: Shoulders, upper back, abs




10. One Leg Chaturanga
What it tones: Shoulders, back, arms

one leg chat- low


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