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6 Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Abs

Looking to tone up your ab muscles? Try this yoga sequence.

Washboard abs have always been one of the most sought-after physical attributes for most people. Ever looked in the mirror and thought, “Man, I really need to work on my abs”? A month or two goes by and you find yourself thinking the same thing, and still not doing anything about it? Or maybe you’ve been doing crunches relentlessly and have yet to see any real results? It’s time to try something different. Check out the yoga sequence below for a new way to get the strong abdominals you want!

By Blair Staky


1. Dancer

6 Yoga Poses for Strong Abs — via @TheFoxandShe
Dancer is a good pose for toning your abs, arms and legs. Keep your core tight to help with balance and make sure to keep your hips even.


2. Wheel

6 Yoga Poses for Strong Abs — via @TheFoxandShe
Wheel is a great one for your whole body. Once you’re in the position, take a few deep breathes. It’s also a good stretch for your abs.


3. Boat Pose

6 Yoga Poses for Strong Abs — via @TheFoxandShe
Make sure to keep your abs tight and don’t crunch your neck or lower back. There’s several variations, so feel free to adjust as you get stronger! If this is too hard, try keeping your legs bent at 90 degree angle to the ground or supporting them gently with your hands.


4. Side Plank

6 Yoga Poses for Strong Abs — via @TheFoxandShe
This one is great for your obliques and also your arms. If I’m feeling really balanced, I’ll try a different variation and pull my leg up to my knee or raise it an extend it out.


5. Head Stand

6 Yoga Poses for Strong Abs — via @TheFoxandShe
This one is definitely tougher and having a strong core is key to getting your legs above your head and keeping them there. Practice against a wall in case you fall over.


6. Warrior III

6 Yoga Poses for Strong Abs — via @TheFoxandShe
There’s Warrior I & II, but Warrior III is definitely the most challenging of them all and gives you a great ab and butt workout. Remember to breathe through this one.


All photography courtesy of Blair Staky.

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