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If You Spend Most Of The Day On Your Feet, These Poses Are For You!

Some Great Poses If You Rarely Sit Down!

For those that work in retail or any service industry that requires many hours on our feet, it can be taxing on both the mind and body. While we all know that sitting for long periods of time is not healthy, being on your feet all day can also lead to pain and discomfort in the lower back and legs. This can happen if you have been walking on a hard surface all day or just not giving your body the proper rest it needs to recover.

The next time you are sore and are looking for ways to relieve the pain and stress from the day, why not give yoga a try!

The following article reveals poses that will help soothe the pain associated with staying on your feet all day long. See the poses below and be sure to pass this along to those you know that are constantly on the go.



1. Legs Up the Wall Pose

legs up the wall

With this pose, you’ll do the exact opposite of what you were just doing all day. Your tired feet will thank you for this relaxing and restorative pose. Support the hips with a towel or block to raise the heart above the head, giving your body a cooling and calming effect. Fun fact: if you are traveling this holiday season, this pose is also great for jet lag!

2. Instant Maui Pose

maui pose

This pose is so relaxing it can feel like you just took a mini-vacay! It has similar benefits to Legs Up the Wall pose, but with a little extra added stress release because your legs are completely supported – making it so your body doesn’t work as hard. Use a chair (or stairs in the case of my photo) and a towel under your pelvis for support.

3. Cat-Cow Pose

cat cow

Reverse the effects of standing – which over times compresses your spine – with this soothing asana flow that stretches and elongates the spinal column. And as with any yoga pose, don’t forget to coordinate the breath! This will only amp up the calming and therapeutic benefits.

4. Happy Baby Pose

happy baby

If you haven’t noticed a trend yet, all of these poses are really focused on the spine. Because duh – that’s what really hurts the most after a long day! Happy Baby is a great pose because it simultaneously relieves back pain and opens the hips. Plus it’s fun!

See the full list of poses from Yogi Approved here.

Images courtesy of Yogi Approved

To Your Health And Wellness!


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