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Reduce Inflammation With These Poses

These Poses Will Reduce That Inflammation!

Nobody likes inflammation! Whether you lead an active lifestyle or one that leads to more sitting than moving, your body can still get sore and achy. As muscles get overworked, they will get inflamed causing nearby areas to get stiff and sore. Bad eating habits can also lead to your body getting inflamed. So what is one to do when inflammation rears it’s ugly head? You can always pop a couple of anti-inflammatory pills, but this is not a long term solution. A better alternative is to practice yoga each and every day!

The following poses will help reduce inflammation and get you back on track with your lifestyle.

See the poses below and be sure to pass these along to your friends and family.

By Jesse Barton

4 Yoga Poses That Seriously Reduce Inflammation Hero Image
Jesse Barton

This simple asana is so effective, requires no prior stretching, and has the wonderful regenerative benefit of all inversions: bringing blood flow, and thus, oxygen, to the brain. It also relieves tightness in my upper back and calves, which are problematic areas for me.

4 Yoga Poses That Seriously Reduce Inflammation Hero Image

This one is also super easy, and very effective at releasing tension in the hamstrings and hip flexors, which tend to be chronically tight when one spends a lot of time demonstrating jump squats and kettle bell swings.

4 Yoga Poses That Seriously Reduce Inflammation Hero Image

I like to do a few cobras and warm up a bit before going into camel. This is a nice follow-up to the standing forward bend, as it opens up the shoulders, stretches the quads and the psoas muscles, and gives me a big energy boost.

See the full list of poses from Mind Body Green here.

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