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Prep for Bird of Paradise pose with these 8 yoga moves.

Practice these poses to prepare your body for Bird of Paradise.

Bird of Paradise is a more advanced balance posture that requires a lot of stability and strength in your legs and core, as well as flexibility in your hamstrings. It takes practice to master the challenge of this pose. You can prepare your body for mastering Bird of Paradise pose with some more simple yoga poses that you are likely already practicing. These poses are designed to strengthen the muscles in your core and legs and increase the flexibility in your hips and hamstrings.

Try adding the eight poses below to your daily yoga routine. Before you know it, your body will be ready to try Bird of Paradise.

By Morgan Casavant


1. Low Lunge
Low Lunge preps your body for Bird of Paradise as it gently stretches your front hip flexors and quads. Option to take your gaze up and back for a nice heart opener!




2. Half Split
With Half Split you work towards flexibility in your hamstrings. You’ll need this when your leg is flying up in Bird of Paradise!




3. Airplane Pose
Let’s get into some balance. Airplane Pose creates stability in your core and generates flexibility in your spine.




4. Eagle Pose
Eagle Pose offers leg strength and shoulder flexibility, as well as a toned core. You’ll need all of this to practice Bird of Paradise!




5. Standing Hand to Big Toe Pose
Standing Hand to Big Toe pose continues to work on your balance confidence, and it visually looks similar to Bird of Paradise. This pose stretches your hamstrings, tones your core, and develops your drishti, or focus.




6. Cow Face Pose
Cow Face Pose is a double whammy – it stretches your shoulders and your hips in necessary preparation for that Bird of Paradise bind.




7. Warrior II
Create a foundation of strength for your Bird of Paradise in Warrior II Pose. Not only will you generate strength in your legs, you’ll also feel that sense of unmessablewithness that you get from a powerful pose.




8. Extended Side Angle
We’re finally there! Extended Side Angle pose is your foundation for Bird of Paradise. It stretches through your side body and strengthens your legs. We’ll work through three variations of this pose that’ll set up your Bird of Paradise. If you’re already comfortable with a full bind here, jump ahead to that!



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