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What Is The Perfect Diet For Yoga And Pilates?

Is This The Perfect Diet? You Be The Judge

Your diet is an important part of who you are and the health you maintain. Following a good diet regiment will eventually create good habits which will lead to positive results and there is no more important part of your life that needs good habits then your diet. But what is considered a “good” diet regiment? A common question for beginners of yoga and pilates is what diet regimen should I follow? In this article, Meg Wright takes a shot at answering this question and her answer may surprise you.

Check out her answer below:

By Meg Wright – Here are a couple of diet guidelines for both Yoga and Pilates. Although guidelines are overlooked by its practitioners, it is important to note that these diet regimens should be followed to the tee if you want to see optimal results from doing Yoga and Pilates.

The Yoga Diet

Yoga isn’t just an exercise regimen for some people.  It is a lifestyle that should reflect on how a person looks, feels, and functions. Yogic diet is geared towards eating whole grain foods. Most Yoga practitioners, in order to feel holistically healthy follow a vegan diet.

The most important thing to note though is that Yoga teachers encourage their students to eat healthy and avoid any type of food that can harm their body and their minds. Eating too much and alcohol consumption is a big NO. They have testified that eating an all-organic diet helped them in achieving equilibrium between the body, mind, and spirit.

Stay away from everything that is junk and eat only in moderation are the major points of the Yogic diet.

The Pilates Diet

Joseph Pilates never established a set of guidelines when it comes to the ideal diet when an individual is practicing Pilates. Pilates isn’t as high-impact as aerobics and weight training is.

There is however a consensus that there should be equal amounts of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals in a Pilates diet.  A Pilates diet doesn’t have any restriction when it comes to the intake of meat or fish, which is a definite NO for strict vegans who practice Yoga.

What are your thoughts on the perfect diet? Share your comments with us.

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