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Need to get back on track with your yoga practice? Here are 7 tips.

Use these helpful tips to re-establish your yoga routine.

Our lives our pretty busy with work, family, and a thousand other daily obligations, so it’s no wonder we get into a slump every once in awhile and start feeling too lazy to exercise. Everyone is entitled to a bout of laziness every once in a while, but unfortunately it causes a break in your yoga routine. 

After some time away from your yoga practice, it might feel intimidating to get back into it. But never fear! With a little encouragement and the helpful tips below, you’ll be back on the mat in no time and feeling like you never went on a yoga hiatus at all!

By Danielle Phillips


1. Don’t Judge
Rather than expecting yourself to pick up right where you left off, give yourself a break! Don’t judge where you are now. Accept that this is another step on your yogic journey, and appreciate yourself your will to get back on the mat.

Use the mantra, “I love myself as I am,” “I accept myself as I am in this moment,” or “I am bettering my mind, body, and spirit in this moment and I am grateful.” Don’t be too hard on yourself.


2. Take It Slow
Again for those in the back: Take. It. Slow. If you have ever taken a break in your yoga routine, you know you may not be as flexible or balanced. You may even a little sore from the lack of stretching.

That’s OK!

Remember that to get back to your yoga routine, be a slow and mindful, and be easy on your body. Take it slow, take it easy, and get back into your routine with ease and grace!


3. Schedule Mat Time
To get back to your yoga routine, you have to make a conscious effort schedule out your mat time.

Take a look at your calendar, decide what is realistic for you and your schedule, and start penciling in little mat sessions where you can. Keep it realistic, maybe even start with one practice a week, then work your way to two, and so on.


4. Take Group Classes
If you can, get back into a group yoga yoga setting rather than opting to practice at home. This is extremely beneficial for someone getting back into a yoga routine.

Group classes provide accountability, support your progress, and can ultimately make the transition back into a routine more enjoyable. Additionally, working with an instructor who can give you valuable guidance can be very beneficial to your progress.

The support of like minded people and an instructor that has your back will do wonders as you get back to your yoga routine.


5. Props Are Your Best Friends
Embrace any modifications the instructor offers in your practice, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to jump back in too quickly. Use all the props! They’re your best friends.

Remember: take it slow, take it easy, and honor wherever your body is as you get back into your yoga routine.

Using props in your yoga practice can bring a lot of benefits and can create a really relaxing, rejuvenating experience.


6. Learn From Your Hiatus
Getting back into a yoga routine is a great opportunity to recognize the changes that your mind and body have been through. Notice any differences between now and when you started your hiatus.

As you get back into your yoga routine, be conscious of how you’re feeling and of how your body begins to change (again). Observe your personal change for the better.


7. Enjoy the Process
Enjoy getting back into your yoga routine, feel all the benefits yoga has to offer your mind, body, and spirit. Appreciate your ability to get back into your yoga routine, and be grateful for your ever-changing journey as a yogi.

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