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These Mother Daughter Pics Are Truly Special

These Photos Are Spectacular!

Nothing makes yoga more special than being able to practice with loved ones. Whether it’s a spouse, boyfriend, or close friend, yoga is more fun when you both are working towards a common goal. The mother in the following article takes practicing yoga with loved ones one step further. Laura Kasperzak has over 1 million followers on Instagram  The reason behind her giant following is her amazing and beautiful daughter Mini who practices with her. The following pictures of Laura and Mini are priceless and show exactly what makes practicing with loved ones so special. You can just see the bond between these 2!

See the photos below and be sure to pass this along to your friends and family

By:  Ava Feuer

My mini rocks every damn day! @yogapaws #wearyourmat

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What a long day already! Woke up at 2am and went downstairs… Only to be greeted by an inch of water at the bottom. Our FN hot water tank blew over night. It definitely could’ve been worse… My poor hubby @acroeddie has been working non-stop to get the water up. This pic serves 2 purposes… It makes me smile and secondly, to let my fellow yogi parents know that another #MamaAndMiniYoga Challenge will be happening soon! Stay tuned…

Hip hip… MINI!!! Hip hip… MINI!!!  She finally let go today and got her toes to her head on my wheel. #ProudMama

“Flying Carrier Pigeon Pose” inspired by @yog_a_melia  Off to teach class soon! I know it’s nice out… But come get your yoga on with me!

#MamaAndMiniYoga Day 8: Upward Facing Plank or Upward Facing Tabletop. This pose helps to strengthen the arms, legs and wrists while stretching out the shoulders and chest. Have fun practicing with your minis today!!! For those of you who asked about out matching peacock pants… They are from @lineagewear

#LoveMiniMeYoga Day 6: Any backbend! Have some fun with this one and let’s get creative! Tomorrow is our last day of this mini challenge! I’m hoping it doesn’t mean you just stop practicing with your minis… Keep it going! Don’t forget to check in with @acroeddie and my mini-man for their variation! Giveaways from @cuchira and @gypsyjuwelz at the end!

Working on Toestand with my mini and Gina the Giraffe. Happy Sunday!

See the full set of pictures from here.

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