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How to Modify Common Power Yoga Poses

Get the most out of your yoga sequence by making some simple modifications, when needed.

As with any form of exercise, it’s important to listen to your body and know your limitations when practicing yoga. Knowing when to modify a pose so you can get the full effect is crucial for your own comfort and success. If you’re struggling to master a more advanced pose, making a modification will allow your muscles and alignment to build faster and correctly. In no time, you’ll be fully capable of performing the original pose with no modifications!

There are tons of variations when it comes to modifying your yoga sequence. Check out the suggestions below to get started.

By Bianca Williams


Tree Pose


Modification: Rotate the hip out and bring your foot to the inner ankle like a kickstand to help you balance. Proper positioning of the body will help develop the inner muscles needed for balance.


Revolved Lunge


Modification: Drop your back knee to the mat to help maintain proper alignment. Bringing the back knee to the floor will work on building strength and flexibility in your abs, glutes, legs and arms. As your strength builds you can begin to straighten the back knee.


Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe


Modification: Come back to the starting position of bent knee with peace sign fingers grasping the big toe. Balance poses are all about building blocks. Keep the abs engaged, eyes focused, and hips balanced to receive the same benefits in modified form.


Side Plank


Modification: Bring the knee of the bottom leg to the floor/kickstand your inner leg. Keeping the hips lifted, abs engaged, and arms strong will leave the inner-fire burning and your body sweating.


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All images courtesy of Bianca Williams.

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