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Men, Why You Should Get On The Mat

Women Rule The Yoga World, But Men Need To Catch On

For a man, when you think about yoga, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is mainly for women. While most practitioner of yoga are indeed women, the benefits of doing yoga also apply to men. These benefits include alleviating pain and injury, keeping your body fit, and providing you with new challenges for your body to endure.

This article highlights the reasons why more men need to take advantage of practicing yoga. Aside from the health benefits, there are numerous other reasons for men put aside their biases and start improving their lifestyles.

Check out the article below and let’s spread the word to the male companions in our lives!

By Jake Panasevich – Men benefit just as much from a regular yoga routine as women. Here’s how:

Yoga alleviates pain and injury.
Most men come to yoga with injuries and pain, particularly in the back, knees and joints. Yoga uses controlled movements, expert alignment, biomechanics and breath to open your body efficiently while minimizing the risk of injury.

Yoga keeps your body fit, flexible and strong.

The right combination of strength and mobility is key, whether you’re a professional athlete or just trying to age gracefully. You will tone and strengthen muscles that you didn’t know you had. The small muscles in your back that have been deteriorating from that desk job will be getting a long-awaited wake-up call. With a commitment to yoga, you will be a lean, mobile, strong and physically fit yoga machine.

Yoga will provide the fun challenge you crave.

Yoga is more than just sitting around, humming and talking about your feelings. As a former collegiate wrestler, I can honestly say that some yoga classes are more challenging than any workout I’ve ever done. It will be humbling at times, but worth it. Most men come from a strong athletic or business-minded background, where competition is fierce. Yoga teaches you to challenge yourself intelligently and completely without being overly aggressive. Learning new poses and noticing real progress is addicting! The light-hearted, compassionate attitude in yoga will help you to not take yourself too seriously, even while you’re sweating it out.

Yoga allows you to do the things you love more efficiently and for longer.
The whole point of yoga is to live your life to the fullest. Whether you love to run, fish, golf, play basketball, travel or play with your kids without hurting yourself – yoga will help you do the things you love better and longer. While the yoga poses are fun and a strong tool, they’re not the point. What matters is that when you feel great, you are able to truly savor life.

Yoga is the fountain of youth.
Between all the physical, mental and overall health benefits, yoga will make you feel better and younger than you could have ever imagined. This only happens after you commit to a regular yoga routine. Anything worth doing will take patience and time. Yoga communities consist of the young and old alike who want to better themselves and live more vibrantly. You become the company you keep. When you surround yourself with people who willfully open their bodies and minds, you become more youthful and open to trying new things.


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