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How To Lose 1 Pound Per Day With This Simple Routine

It Only Takes 1 Pound A Day To Make A Difference

Summer is just around the bend and that means it’s time to lose some of that winter weight!

When it comes to losing weight, the first thing most people think is that they have to drastically change their lifestyle. Whether it be hitting the gym and getting your sweat on, or reducing their calories drastically. The truth is that while going to the gym or increasing your workout regime is not necessarily a bad thing (especially if you weren’t doing a lot of physical activity previously), there are easier ways you can go about losing weight.

The following article shares some simple tips on how you can lose 1 pound per day without a drastic change in your nutrition or workout habits.

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Here’s what researchers found:

Just by drinking 500ml (two glasses) of water before every meal, you can lose up to 10 pounds in 12 weeks.

I know this doesn’t sound too much, and it’s not even close to what you want: to lose one pound daily. Not close, but it’s a start, right?!

How To Lose One Pound Daily

Here’s how I used this tip to drink water before meals and what things I added to my routine to lose one pound daily:

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  1. Eat 5 meals per day, one small meal every 2 hours. Get 3 x 200-calorie meals, plus 2 x 300-calorie meals.
  2. Walk one hour, or do 30 minutes of speed walking or jogging daily.
  3. The 300-calorie meals should be taken before and after walking.
  4. Eat your last meal before 6 PM.
  5. Drink one glass of water (250ml) before and after each meal. This will keep you full for longer.
  6. Sleep as early as possible, to avoid night binge eating.

The total calorie intake in a day is around 1200, which is half of the daily recommended calorie intake. So this is not the safest way to lose weight, but hey, if you know any healthy method to lose one pound daily, I am here to take notes. ?

Here is a daily schedule example:

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  • 9 AM: One glass of water + Breakfast (200 calories) + One glass of water;
  • 11 AM: One glass of water + Snack (200 calories) + One glass of water;
  • 1 PM: One glass of water + Lunch (300 calories) + One glass of water;
  • 2 PM: Walking in the park for an hour;
  • 3 PM: One glass of water + Snack (300 calories) + One glass of water;
  • 5 PM: One glass of water + Dinner (200 calories) + One glass of water.

Tip: Don’t weigh yourself every day, but do it at the end of the week. Losing weight is not an exact science, so you’re not gonna lose one pound daily. Today you might lose 1.5 pounds and tomorrow only half pound, but at the end of the week you should be at least 7 pounds lighter.

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To Your Health And Wellness!

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