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Looking To Strengthen Your Eyesight? You Might Want To See This!

Have You “Seen” Yoga Like This?

Sitting in front of a screen for the better part of your day is not only bad for your health, it’s also straining on your eyes. When we spend most of the day in front of a screen that is only a few feet away from our faces, our eyes aren’t working as hard. The eye is something that can be strengthened like a muscle through exercise and proper nutrition. Keeping your eyes strong should be high on the list of priorities and practicing the exercises in the following video will help you keep them nice and strong. Eye exercises not only can improve your focus, they can also balance the brain and relax the mind.

The following video demonstrates techniques for strengthening your eyes. This “eye yoga” routine should be performed daily to realize the full benefits of the asana.

See the video below and be sure to share it with you friends who could use a boost in their vision/



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