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Looking To Flatten That Tummy? Try This 4 Minute Workout!

It Only Takes 4 Minutes!

It’s bikini season and that means it’s time to show off those flat tummies!

For those out there that are not quite ready to suit up, and for those looking to maintain their abs, the following 4-minute workout is for you! Before we dive into the workout, let’s understand why having a flat tummy is good for your health. Aside from giving you undeniable confidence, having a toned flat stomach has the added benefit of protecting and strengthening your core. Core strength is essential when performing any type of exercise as it aids in protecting your body from injury.

Another important point to consider before attacking those abs is that results are not guaranteed. Everybody’s body is different and how we lose weight and build muscle can vary. There is no single diet or exercise plan that is going to be a cure-all. Once you understand how your body burns fat, you can develop a plan that works for you.

Now onto the workout!

The following 4-minute workout is designed to isolate your core ab muscles. These exercises will work multiple muscle groups at the same time which should develop and strengthen your torso and abs.

See the workout below and be sure to pass this along to your friends looking to rock some nice bikinis this summer!

By Misato Alexandre

DIAGONAL PLANK (10 seconds/side)

10 Second Rest

DOWN-DOG SPLIT-KNEE UP (10 seconds/side)

10 Second Rest

CRUNCH-CHOP (20 seconds)

10 Second Rest

SIDE PLANK TOE TOUCH (10 seconds/side)

10 Second Rest

Repeat This Circuit 3 Times


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To Your Health And Wellness!

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