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In A Hurry? Try This 20 Minute Total Body Sequence

Don’t Have 90 Minutes? Try This!

A typical yoga class runs about 90 minutes. While this may work for some of us, many of us don’t have 90 minutes to spend on our yoga practice. Even for those that usually go to classes, there are days where there just isn’t enough time to drive to the studio and partake in a session. So what does one do?

The following sequence will get you loose while strengthening your body. The best part is, it only takes 20 minutes!

See the routine below and be sure to share this with your friends who just don’t have the time to go to yoga class but would benefit from a quick yoga session.

Complete these poses on the right side, then the left, holding each pose for five deep breaths:

  • 3-Legged Dog: strengthens arms and glutes, stretches one hamstring and calf at a time, and improves balance
  • Warrior 3: strengthens thighs, tush, and core, and improves balance
  • Rotated Side Angle: strengthens legs and butt, and increases side-to-side flexibility in the spine
  • Wide-Legged Forward Bend C: stretches backs of the legs, lower back, chest, and shoulders



Vinyasa to seated position facing front of mat:

  • Boat: strengthens core
  • Shoulderstand: stretches upper spine and neck, and strengthens core; or Plow: stretches lower back, upper spine, neck, and hamstrings
  • Fish: counterpose to Shoulderstand that stretches chest and neck
  • Wheel: strengthens arms, thighs, and glutes, and increases flexibility in spine; or Half Wheel: increases spinal flexibility, strengthens tush and thighs

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