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How To Do A Perfect Chaturanga

This Is How You Perform This Foundational Pose

For those that have been practicing yoga for some time, or if you’ve gone to a fair share of yoga sessions, your instructor has probably used the work Chaturanga from time to time. For those that are new to yoga, Chaturanga is often the part of a vinyasa or flow that is performed when moving back to the Downward Dog pose. This movement also makes an appearance in Sun Salutations for advanced yogis. Though this pose is generally transitional, many yogis (even advanced ones) tend to makes simple mistakes.

The following article provides the proper steps of the Chaturanga pose. By practicing these steps, you will improve your practice and build a proper foundation for more advanced poses.

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1. Start from High Plank:

-Shoulders stacked above wrists
-Core is engaged
-Legs are straight and strong

2. Slowly lower:

-Keep hugging your elbows into your sidebody
-Lower down with control as slow as you can
-Stop when your shoulders are in line with your elbows

3. Pause and hold:

-Once your shoulders are in line with your elbows, pause here and hold
-Fill into your low back by drawing your navel up and in towards your spine
-Engage your core to build strength and stamina

See the full article from YogiApproved here.

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