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Have You Heard Of These Poses?

You May Not Have Heard Of These Poses

If you have been practicing yoga for a while, you might think you have performed every pose there is. One of the many benefits of practicing yoga is that there is no ceiling with yoga. You may think you have done it all, but in reality, you have just started a new level of learning. As you improve your form, you come across new challenges to keep your mind and body engaged.

The following 4 poses are ones you may not have heard of before. If you have, then you are on the right path to becoming a zen yoga master!

See the poses below and be sure to pass these along to those experienced yogis in your life! You can also use these poses as a great way to show your friends just how zen you are!

By Heidi Kristoffer

Baby Crow Pose

If you’ve got regular crow pose on lock, try baby crow, which is a forearm variation of the pose. Warning: It’s harder than it looks! But it’s totally doableā€”just give it a whirl. As with all arm balances, make sure your core is activated before attempting, and this will feel more accessible.

Lotus Candlestick / Urdvha Padmasana

Want to test your balance? If your hips are feeling nice and open and you don’t have knee or neck issues, try balancing in this lotus leg variation of candlestick pose. Make sure your hips are open hips and your core is engaged.

Horse Pose / Vatayasana

This pose isn’t for anyone with sensitive knees, but it will certainly give you a few good laughs as you try to find balance. Open your hips and use padding under your knees for your first attempt, and, as with most intricate poses, do your best to keep a good sense of humor and adventure!

Sleeping Yogi / Yogi Dandasana

No, all yogis do not sleep like this, but that is the name of the pose. If you’re working on getting your legs behind your head, this one is often more accessible than attempting that while sitting or standing. Opening your hips, your back, and your hamstrings will do you well here.

One Foot Behind the Head Extended Lizard Tail Lunge Pose / Eka Pada Shirsha Uttana Pristhasana

Sometimes referred to as “roadkill pose” (can’t imagine why), this hip-, back-, and quad-stretching variation of lizard meets foot behind the head pose is quite the fun one to figure out. This one is best tried at the end of a practice when your whole body is nice and warm.

See the full list of poses from fitness magazineĀ here.

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