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Get Bikini-Ready With This Yoga Routine

Yoga moves to tone your thighs and butt.

It’s summertime, and that can only mean one thing: time to break out last year’s bikini and hope that it still fits! If your bikini bottoms fit a little snugger than last year, the below yoga routine can help you get your butt back in shape– literally. Try these 5 key yoga moves, courtesy of POPSUGAR, to tone your thighs and glutes, so you can rock those bikini bottoms all summer long.

By Jenny Sugar


Mini Goddess

Stand with your feet hips-width distance apart. Lower your hips, and bend the knees into a squat. Keep weight back into the heels and bend the elbows, bringing your arms into Goddess position with the palms facing away. Hold here for five breaths.


Low Squat

From Mini Goddess, squat down lower so the thighs are parallel with the floor. Extend the arms in front of you to help you stay balanced. Breathe deeply for five breaths.


Standing Forward Bend

Release the Low Squat by straightening the legs. Fold the torso over the thighs and hold the big toes with the first two fingers and thumbs of each hand. Pull the elbows out wide. Actively draw the shoulders away from the ears, using the abs to draw the torso closer to the legs rather than using your upper body strength. Stay like this for five deep breaths, nodding the head up and down and side to side to release the neck.


Standing Hand to Big Toe A

From Standing Forward Bend, release hold of your left big toe and bring your left hand to your hip. Shift weight into the left leg and rise up, balancing on the left foot while still holding onto the right big toe. If you can, keep both legs straight. If this is difficult, bend the right knee slightly. Hold for five deep breaths.


Standing Big Toe B

From Standing Hand to Big Toe A, rotate your right leg out to the side. Focus on keeping your standing leg straight, tucking in the tailbone and lengthening the spine. If this is a challenge, bend the right knee. Once you feel balanced, turn your head and gaze over your left shoulder. Hold this balancing pose for five deep breaths.


All photos courtesy of Louisa Larson photography.

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