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Feeling Fatigued? These Tips Can Help!

Get Pep Back In Your Step With These Tips

Fatigue is a serious problem in our society today.  A more seditary lifestyle combined with a poor diet, can lead to feeling fatigued at various times throughout the day. But what is you are leading a healthy lifestyle? What if you are doing things by the book and yet you are still feeling worn out? You may be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue.

The following article explains Adrenal Fatigue along with the top recommendations for dealing with both this syndrome and general fatigue as well.

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Adrenal fatigue occurs when the adrenal glands are not working properly. This syndrome can give sufferers chronic stress, infections and fatigue, as well as unexplained weight loss.

Many of those with adrenal fatigue feel generally unwell, even if they appear to be fine physically. Doctors won’t often diagnose a patient with adrenal fatigue as its symptoms can easily be mistaken for other conditions (such as those of the thyroid).

When you suffer from adrenal fatigue, your metabolism speeds up and burns far more nutrients than usual, leading to low sugar levels and a need for more food. This causes salt and sugar cravings, a common symptom of adrenal fatigue.

Below are 5 tips that should help you with choosing and changing your diet in order to recover from adrenal fatigue:

1. Cut out white sugar and flour

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Both white sugar and flour are simple carbohydrates, meaning they need more insulin for the body to break them down. In the end, this makes extra work for the adrenal glands, and will do nothing to help them.

Instead of sugar, try using a sweetener such as stevia. If you have sweet cravings, try eating a little fruit, but not too much.

2. Cut out processed foods

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These contain too many additives and are, as the same suggests, too processed. These foods bad for everyone, but are particularly bad if you suffer from adrenal fatigue.

3. Keep salt (make sure it’s sea salt)

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Salt is in fact necessary for you adrenal glands to function properly, so don’t be afraid to season your food as you usually do. However, if you also suffer from high blood pressure it is best not to eat salt.

4. Limit fruit

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Because fruits contain both fructose and potassium, which should be avoided if you suffer from adrenal fatigue, it is best to limit your intake of fruit. Some fruits are better to eat than others:

Avoid – Oranges, bananas, grapefruit, raisins, figs and dates

Okay to eat – Apples, kiwi, cherries, mango, plums, pears, papaya. Grapes may also be eaten in moderation.

5. Don’t go for instant energy

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Often when we feel fatigued or stressed, we look for foods that will give us a fast burst of energy and make us feel good. Usually the offenders are snacks such as biscuits, white carbohydrates, cakes, caffeine and carbonated drinks.

Although all of these items, as mentioned earlier, do give a burst of energy, this energy is short-lived and will give way to an even stronger dip which will leave you feeling even more fatigued. Therefore it is best to choose you snacks wisely, or preferably take the time to prepare a filling meal.

Ezekiel bread, nuts, cheese and whole grains are all good options for snacks.

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