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Feeling Congested? This Sequence Can Help!

Relieve Congestion With This Sequence

The seasons are changing and that can only mean one thing….

Headaches and congestion!

Nobody likes dealing with congestion and sinus pressure, but this is fairly common when the weather begins to change and pollen counts shift. You start feeling it build up in the back of your throat, then it starts to feel like you are floating on air. If congestion gets bad enough, it can lead to more serious conditions. So what is one to do?

The following sequence is designed to help relieve sinus pressure and congestion. These poses open up the chest and improve circulation, which in turn helps soothe congestion.

See the poses below and be sure to share this with any of your friends that are looking for some relief to their sinus pain and congestion.



If you are looking for a little more of a workout, simply complete a few rounds of Sun Salutations between each congestion-soothing posture.

Bridge Pose

image source:yogaontherun

Bridge posture is a mild yet effective way to open your chest, in addition to sending fresh blood to your head.

What to Do: Find out how to complete Bridge Pose safely without injuring your neck or back. Hold for 30 seconds to a minute, and then release on an exhalation while rolling the spine, one vertebra at a time, onto the mat. If you feel like you can handle something more advanced, learn how to do Wheel Pose.

Plow Pose

image source: buzzle

Plow Pose is considered therapeutic for sinusitis, but this pose might feel uncomfortable if your back or hamstrings are really tight. If so, you can always bend your knees and place them next to your ears as a variation.

What to Do: Either fall back into Plow Pose from Shoulder Stand, or roll on your back and swing your legs over your head to come into Plow. Stay in the pose and breathe for one minute.


image source: lululemon

Headstand is one of the most difficult yoga postures, yet it is incredibly energizing and detoxing to let stagnant blood rush from your toes, filter through your heart, and drain into your head.

What to Do: This sequence will give you step-by-step instructions to help you work up into Headstand. If the full posture is too much, then simply try one of the variations. Hold your Headstand variations for five breaths or longer. If you fall, then try once more and call it quits for the day, so you don’t place too much pressure on your neck and head.

See the full article from popsugar here.

To your health and wellness!

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