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Common Pilates Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

These Common Errors Are Easy To Correct

Everyone makes mistakes. Whether you are just starting out, or have been doing something for a long time, mistakes and bad habits are hard to break. This is especially true in the area of pilates and yoga where proper form is essential.

This article is a quick review of the common mistakes we all make in Pilates class. To many of the experienced practicers, most of these will be familiar and ones you’ve probably heard before, but are still helpful and worth repeating.

Check out the article below and see which errors resonate with you



Whether you’re new to Pilates or a seasoned pro, there are some mistakes that even the instructors are making – Lynne Robinson of Body Control Pilates talked us through the key errors to avoid.

1/ Forgetting Your Alignment On The Way Out Of A Movement

Pilates centers around alignment – that means controlling every single part of your body. The position of your feet, your hands; everything is important. In particular it’s about controlling your head, your rib cage, and your pelvis because they’re your three main body weights.

2/ Bracing, Not Breathing

…You mustn’t hold your breath – the breathing helps you to use your core correctly.

3/ Over Recruiting Your Pelvic Floor

So many people over do it on their core, they brace and use too much – less is more.  You only use [your muscles] as, when and if you need them to control your movement and alignment.

4/ Faking Your Pelvic Floor ‘Zip’

It’s very difficult to identify if you are working your pelvic floor correctly – ‘zipping’ up the muscles from back to front.

You can actually feel it, if you put your fingers on your hip and the top part of your pelvic bone and go inside the bone and down a bit, feel everything relaxed then engage your core. You will feel

5/ Doing The Moves You Like, Not What You Need

We tend to do the exercises that we like doing and they’re often the ones we shouldn’t do – we actually need to do the ones we don’t

If you know you’re in front of the desk all day, do arm openings, do rotations – don’t do more stomach crunches that bring you back to where you started!

I find number 2 is common mistake for me. What common mistakes do you find yourself making often?

See the whole article from Womens Health here


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