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70 Yoga Poses to Tone, Strengthen, and Detox Your Body

Performing yoga not only helps tighten your muscles, but it also increases your energy levels, strengthens your body, increases your flexibility, and helps get rid of all the extra jiggle. Luckily, our friends at Popsugar Fitness have a collection of different yoga positions and poses that can help you tighten your tummy, tone your thighs, sculpt your arms and legs, and detox your body. Trust us, you’ll be feeling the burn while finding a fun new way to tone and tighten. Grab your mat, turn on this fab zen and flow playlist, and get to work!

Yoga Sequence For Stronger Legs: 

Whether sporting leggings with sneaks or skinny jeans with pumps, here’s a 14-pose yoga sequence to make your tight pants proud. This workout is all about the thighs, hips, and booty. Hop on your mat and work through this sequence on the right side, and then repeat on the left.

Wide Squat:  (1) Stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips. (2  Bend your knees and lower your hips toward the ground. (3) Bring your palms together at your heart center, and firmly press your elbows against the inside of your knees, helping to open the hips even further. (4) Shift weight into the heels, lengthening the crown of the head up toward the ceiling, holding for five deep breaths.

wide squat


Extended Wide Squat: (1) Release your hands to the floor, walking them away from you as you press your belly toward the floor. (2) Relax your head, staying here for five breaths.

extended wide squat


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Poses That Strengthen Your Abs and Core:  

Bikini season is right around the corner, so let’s get to strengthening our abs and overall core. This will prevent back pain, improve your balance and posture, and make running and other sports feel easier. Plus, you’ll feel confident in and out of your clothes. Keep reading to learn these eight poses that target your core.

Warrior 3: Balancing on one leg really challenges your core! If you’re not using your abs to stabilize in this pose, you’ll likely tip over. Here’s how to find your inner warrior. (1) Stand with your feet together. (2) Inhale as you extend your arms out wide in T position or straight overhead for a more advanced variation. (3) Exhale as you bend forward at your hips, lifting your right leg straight behind you coming into Warrior 3. (4) Draw your navel toward your spine, and hold for five breaths. (5) Then come to stand, lower your right leg, and repeat with the left leg lifted for another five.



Camel: (1) A classic backbend that increases spinal flexibility, Camel also works your core muscles and opens tight shoulders. (2) Stand on the shins with the knees hips-width distance apart. (3) Lean back, and place your hands on your heels, arching back, and allowing the head to fall between the shoulder blades. (4) Continue to press the hips forward to engage the abs, thighs, and tush, enjoying this pose for five breaths.



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Yoga Sequence to Tone Thighs and Inner Thighs

Are you ready to tone your thighs and say goodbye to your inner-thigh fluff? Now you can work these muscles without even stepping foot in a gym! Try these 15 poses on the right side, and then repeat on the left side. You’ll feel your thighs getting slimmer with each move!

Side Fierce: (1) Stand at the front of your mat with both feet together. (2) Bend the knees to squat down into Fierce pose. (3) Rotate your torso, and cross your right elbow over the outside of your right thigh. (4) Actively press into your outer right arm to lift the torso. (5) Pull the right hip back to keep both knees in line and keep weight back into the heels. (6) Hold here for five deep breaths, gazing over the left shoulder.



Arching Three-Legged Dog: (1) From Side Fierce, rise back up into Fierce Pose. (2) Fold forward, and take a vinyasa back to Downward Facing Dog. (3) Step both feet together so your big toes are touching. (4) Keeping the left heel on the mat, raise your right leg in the air coming into Three-Legged Dog, and then bend the knee. (5) Actively squeeze your right heel in toward your hip, lifting the knee high. (6) Lift your head up, and turn to look over your left shoulder, arching the spine. (7) Hold here for five breaths, keeping the belly still and breathing into the chest.



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Yoga Sequence For a Tighter Backside: 

Are you looking for a way to get a swoon-worthy behind? This sequence of moves is guaranteed to tone and give you a fuller backside! You’ll want to strut down the street and show off your new goods right away!

Downward Dog: (1) Begin on your hands and knees. (2) Your wrists should be underneath your shoulders, and your knees should be underneath your hips. (3) Inhale as you tuck your toes under your heels. (4) Then exhale to lift your hips, coming into an upside-down “V” shape called Downward Facing Dog. (5) Spread your fingers wide, and create a straight line between your middle fingers and elbows. (6) Work on straightening your legs and lowering your heels toward the ground. (7) Relax your head between your arms, and direct your gaze through your legs or up toward your belly button. (8) Hold for five breaths. Traditionally, this pose is done during Sun Salutation A, so you can also come into it from Upward Facing Dog.



Three-Legged Downward Dog: (1) From Downward Facing Dog, step both feet together so your big toes are touching. (2) Shift your weight onto your hands and your left foot equally, and raise your right leg into the air. (3) Try to keep your shoulders parallel with the ground, and gaze at your left thigh or up toward your belly to help you stay balanced. (4) Stay here for five breaths, then lower your right leg down. (5) Perform Three-Legged Downward Dog on the other side.



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