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7 Ways Yoga Improves Your Sex Life

Did you know yoga can improve your sex life? Here’s how.

We all know that yoga is perfect for keeping the body healthy, strong and flexible. It also allows us to destress and clear our minds so our brains stay healthy, too. But there’s another lesser-known benefit to yoga that you may not be aware of: better sex. Yoga can actually improve your sex life! All those asanas you’ve been practicing can actually help you to be more present during sex, open up to sensation and experience a stronger emotional connection.

Below are seven major ways yoga can improve your sex life.

By Jessica Smith

1. It Teaches Us to Be Present

When the mind wanders during sex the body follows, and detachment from the sexual act occurs leaving us unsatisfied. Women will often say that their mind wanders during sex and they have a hard time focusing on the act.

Just by remaining present to what’s happening between the sheets, you’ll want to be more connected with the person you’re having sex with. Bringing awareness to what your body is feeling and how it works will help you stay present, give you confidence, and allow you to be comfortable being naked.

You can take the skills and awareness you learn on your yoga mat into your sexual escapades being fully aware of everything that’s happening to you – it’ll create an intense sexual experience!

2. Yoga Boosts Your Stamina (Guys . . . You Can Last Longer)

Yoga can be a cardiovascular activity, especially Ashtanga, Kundalini, Power Vinyasa, and the new and amazing Buti Yoga! The physical asana combined with pranayama, or breathing exercises, increases your stamina and endurance.

By controlling your breath, you can enhance your awareness and bodily control.

Men can increase their stamina from learning to monitor their breath, because the breath controls the mind and the body. As Master Yoga Teacher BKS Iyengar says, “Breath is King of the mind.” So, gentlemen, if you’re on the brink of orgasm, but your partner isn’t, taking deep slow breaths will help you control your big finish!

3. You’ll Gain Flexibility

Flexibility is a natural benefit to practicing yoga. And the more limber you are, the more positions you can do, and in the bedroom, flexibility is always a plus. Grab a copy of the Kama Sutra for position ideas or get wild and make up your own.

4. Yoga Reminds Us That We’re In Control

Learning to have good sex is your responsibility, just like your yoga practice. You learn the asana, breathing techniques, and study yoga philosophy so you can dive deeper into your practice.

Do the same kind of studying for your sex life.

Know what you like, what turns you on, and what you need to orgasm. Also, learn how to pleasure your sexual partner – find out if what you’re doing is working for them. Doing the work to know and understand yourself and your partner will dramatically better your sex!

5. Find a Deeper Level of Mutual Respect

In yoga we say, “Namaste” to show reverence and love to our teacher, fellow practitioners, and to the Universe. How about giving that same appreciation and devotion to your lover?

After all, you are about to do one of the most sacred acts possible . . . regardless if it’s with a soulmate or a Bumble hookup. When someone is respecting, honoring, and cherishing you, it feels great, right?!

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6. You Really Get Into Sacred Spaces

Similar to your yoga mat, your bedroom is your sacred space. Treat it like you’d treat the yoga studio. Light candles, burn incense, place crystals around and under the bed, sage the room, play nice music, and infuse the space with your intentions. This will intensify your desire to have mind blowing and soulful experiences.

7. Yoga Has the BEST Ancient Sex Secret

Your new best friend is your Mula Bandha, a.k.a. your pelvic floor. It’s a collection of muscles in your pelvis, and a spiritual gateway and a power source of primal energy. Mula Bandha is engaging all the muscles in your pelvic floor for physical and spiritual benefits.

Physically speaking, engaging your Mula Bandha is equivalent to kegel exercises. Strengthening this area will help intensify sensation in the bedroom! For men, it allows them to control ejaculation and erections. For women, it keeps the kitty tight. Everyone wins!

Energetically speaking, Mula Bandha harnesses Prana, primal life force energy, and brings it upward into the chakra system. It also connects you to Nadi Sushumna, which causes feelings of eroticism, euphoria, and intense orgasms.

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