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7 Ways To Naturally Lower Blood Pressure

No Need For Medication With These Tips!

High blood pressure is a common problem in our society today. Over 29% of American adults have high pressure. Anyone can develop high blood pressure including children! Unfortunately, many of those diagnosed go right to medication to fix their problems. While you should consult a physician before doing anything that involves health risks, there are natural ways in which you can reduce your blood pressure.

The following article reveals 7 ways in which you can naturally lower your blood pressure. Following these steps can put you on the path to letting your body heal itself.

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get more exercise

1. Get More Exercise

Hands down, a sedentary lifestyle is the leading contributor to high blood pressure, and getting more exercise is the number one thing you can do to bring down your BP without resorting to drugs. Before you write it off, consider that you don’t have to go hard out in order to get the results you want. Taking a daily stroll will work wonders, and you don’t even have to work up a sweat. You’ll notice that over time as you get more fit you’ll naturally want to challenge yourself by picking up the pace and potentially adding other activities into the mix.

eat more bananas

2. Eat More Bananas

The potassium in bananas helps to thin the blood, and this in turn should help your blood pressure from getting too high. Keeping your blood properly thinned is an important step in improving your blood pressure statistics, and meeting your daily potassium needs is just one factor. Other good sources of potassium are avocados which have almost as much as a banana per serving, as well as broccoli, salmon, and even cantaloupe. Check our other food sources of potassium.

3. Take Garlic Supplements

Garlic has been shown to be of great benefit to the circulatory system. The good news is that it doesn’t matter too much how you get garlic into your system, either eating it in your cooking, using garlic powder, or taking a supplement. Since it’s hard to get as much garlic as you need each day from eating it, garlic supplements are a popular choice for those looking to change where their blood pressure levels rest.

dark chocolate

4. Opt for Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that can help naturally bring your blood pressure to more healthy levels. Unlike milk chocolate, you can choose how much chocolate is in your dark chocolate, and the recommendation is to keep it at 70% or higher to get the BP-lowering benefits without putting on fat or gaining weight. This is good news for chocolate lovers who may have been laying off the chocolate because of their blood pressure. You’re still advised to eat just a bit of dark chocolate per day, and not overdo it.

5. Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine can cause your blood pressure to rise, just by drinking a caffeinated beverage. If you habitually drink caffeine each day you are essentially artificially raising your blood pressure over a long period of time, which puts undue stress on your heart and can lead to other complications. Your body will get used to the caffeine over time, which may have you reaching for an additional cup of coffee, or another cola, in order to get the same awake and alert feeling.

reduce salt intake

6. Reduce Salt Intake

Too much salt in the body can cause you to start retaining water in an effort to help flush the salt from your body. The result is that your blood vessels and heart have to work under the added pressure and strain of this excess water and fluid, which ends up raising your BP levels. One way is to stop the excessive salt intake, which can be hard since many food items have extra sodium added to improve the flavor. You can help flush out extra sodium by eating foods that act as a natural diuretic.

lower blood pressure with coconut water

7. Drink Coconut Water

This is one of the easier things you can do to make a difference to your blood pressure. It only involves drinking coconut water. You can’t make coconut water, it exists naturally inside the coconut, so don’t try adding coconut flakes to a glass of water, as you won’t get the same benefit. This is one blood pressure lowering remedy that is backed by early scientific studies, and will likely be studied further to see exactly why it’s shown to work.

See the full list of natural remedies from here.

To Your Health And Wellness!


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