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The 7 Best Poses For Poise And Strength: Locust Pose

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The Locust Pose is an intermediate pose that targets your entire back. This pose will provide you with the foundation you need to do other poses that involve deeper bends of your torso and back.


The Locust Pose increases the strength and flexibility of your back, spine, and surrounding muscles. When you work your upper back, over time your posture will improve. Another added benefit is that a stronger back also reduces stress and fatigue.  While performing this pose, your lungs open up, allowing your breathing capacity to increase. Lying on your stomach creates pressure that stimulates the organs in your abdomen, which lends itself to relief from an upset stomach and bloating.

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  1. Begin by lying face down on your mat with your arms at your sides.
  2. Inhale and lift your head, keeping your eyes looking forward. Exhale and lift your chest and arms. Reach your arms back toward your feet.
  3. Use your thighs to lift your legs toward the sky. Your weight should be resting on your front pelvis.
  4. Hold this position for up to one minute. On the next exhale, slowly release your body to the ground. Rest your right ear on the mat and relax your body for a few breaths. Repeat the pose and rest your left ear on the mat.
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  1. If you are a beginner, keep the tops of your feet pressed into the floor.
  2. Beginners can also keep their forehead on the floor.
  3. For a greater challenge, extend your arms straight forward.


  • Actively engage the muscles in your abdomen and back to lengthen and lift through this pose.
  • Keep your focus on lengthening your spine. Make sure to evenly distribute your weight throughout your back.

Here is a video to help you perform this pose.

The Locust Pose is a great way to counter-balance a day of sitting and slouching. This pose will strengthen and lengthen your body, so be sure to practice a few rounds of this pose daily for the best results.

To your health and wellness!

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