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7 Free Weight Exercises For Toned Arms

These Exercises Will Tone Those Arms!

Everyone loves toned arms! Nobody likes flab around the arms, especially the area under the arms. This area presents a challenge as it is one of those spots on the body where fat can accumulate if you are not careful about your diet. But fear not, if you target the proper areas of your arms, you can eliminate this fat and more!

The following article provides some free weight exercises designed to tone your arms and attack those important areas of the arm where fat tends to store. Keep in mind that while this will help you get firm arms, it won’t happen overnight. You will have to work at this for some time while following a healthy diet to truly see the best results!

See the exercises below and be sure to share this with you friends looking to firm up their arms!

by Ilyse Rogozenski

1. Hammer Curl:

This exercise is great if you’re looking to add a little bump to your bicep!

2. Crossover Hammer Curl: 

This great alternative to your average Joe hammer curl is sure to hit some of those hard-to-reach places.

3. Horizontal Bicep Curl: 

This move will really work your biceps, as long as you make sure to keep your upper arms straight and bend from the elbow.

4. Overhead Triceps Extension on Stability Ball: 

This exercise engages your core and your triceps! Just make sure you keep your elbows pointed at the ceiling.

5. Horizontal In-And-Outs:

You will feel the burn in your triceps after just a few reps with the horizontal in-and-outs, but the burn means it’s working! Keep it up!

6. Cheer Press: 

This move will pump up your energy and your heart rate! Make sure you start out with a light weight until you feel comfortable with the posture.

7. Weighted Arm Circles: 

Grab the lightest pair of dumbbells you own, cause this exercise is going to burn! Keep your arms as straight as you can for maximum results.

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To Your Health And Wellness!

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