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7 Best Poses for Detoxification

Try these yoga poses to detox your body and get back to feeling your best.

Our bodies can do amazing things in terms of keeping healthy and clean internally. But unfortunately, our modern lifestyles and habits have become quite taxing on our circulatory, digestive, and lymphatic systems. This results in chronic fatigue, stress, and a host of medical conditions that we might otherwise be able to avoid.

Many people are searching for detoxification solutions to help their bodies to get back on track. It helps to change your eating habits and get more sleep, but did you also know that yoga can be a huge help? Use the poses below to detoxify your body and feel your best every day.

By Yoga Time Team


Wind-Relieving Pose

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Pavanamukthasana or the wind relieving yoga pose helps to detoxify the body by massaging the abdominal organs. This results to normalizing acid production, effectively regulating digestion and metabolism. It also relieves constipation, bloating and excess gas.


Bow Pose

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Dhanurasana helps to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen by stretching. The bow pose also enables the abdomen, navel area and the internal organs to get a full massage that invigorates the digestive system and aids in detoxification. At the same time dhanurasana stretches the spine and spinal muscles thereby improving fitness.


Side-to-Side Chair Twists

Parivrtta Utkatasana
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Parivrtta utkatasana works the lower back, hips, thighs and the chest thereby improving health and strength of the spine and the overall torso. At the same time, the side-to-side chair twists invigorate internal organs including the spleen and the liver and the digestive system in general, thereby clearing any blockage and aiding elimination.


Shoulder Stand

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Saryangasana, an inverted pose is perfect for improving drainage of lymph fluid from the legs and the rest of the body. This lymph fluid contains among other things, toxins, and is delivered back into the bloodstream for oxygenation by the lungs, cleansing and detoxifying by the liver and kidneys. The pose is a handy helper especially in today’s sedentary lifestyles.


Child’s Pose

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Balasana is a straightforward, gentle pose that helps massage internal organs thereby stimulating the digestive system and clearing any blockages. The beloved child’s pose releases mental and abdominal tensions. The overall result is the detoxifying and calming of body and mind.


Cobra Pose

Bhujang Asana
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As with other backwards bends, Bhujangasana is an important pose in detoxifying the body and improving posture. As the spine bends backwards in the cobra pose, the hip flexors are stretched as are the abdomen and chest, which helps improve flexibility and strength of the core. The pose also helps clear the airways which detoxifies the lungs.


Boat Pose

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This forward bending pose helps to stretch the lower back while massaging the lower abdomen. This facilitates detoxification within the lower abdominal organs as well as releasing nervous tension.

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