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6 Yoga Poses to Do with a Partner

Try these partner yoga poses to strengthen your body— and your relationship.

Yoga is all about the connection between your body and your mind. When you do yoga with a partner, you can also strengthen the connection you have with each other. Yoga is a great way for couples to deepen their relationship and strengthen the unity, especially in today’s world where we are so technologically based.

As a couple, you can get into yoga poses where breathing and moving together is essential for a proper practice. This union will help you to better communicate with one another and be more in sync in your relationship, overall.


By Alexa Erickson


Seated Spinal Twist

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Twisting postures work to detoxify the body, aid in digestion and promote a healthy spine and back. In a seated spinal twist, you work to lengthen the space between your vertebrae to promote energy. Getting into this posture with your partner makes for an even deeper twist, ringing both bodies clean of toxins and making space together.


Boat Pose

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This pose is all about strengthening the core. Doing this pose with a partner allows you to work even harder as you straighten your legs, press the soles of your feet into each other’s and create a line of powerful energy throughout your bodies. Elongating your arms to interlock with your partner’s will give you a stretch from your shoulders to your fingertips.


Tree Pose

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Balancing postures require a lot of grounding and focus within the mind and spirit to allow the body to become still. To make it work with a partner, both people must press their hips evenly into one another. You can wrap your arms around each other’s waists and bring your palms together in a prayer position to express your connection and trust for one another.


Warrior I Pose

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Warrior poses require an equal amount of energy to be distributed between our front and back legs. In this backbend variation, you and your partner get to experience a juicy heart opener that expands your line of compassion to one another. Dropping your head back to relax your neck allows the ego to surrender. Holding hands connects the line of energy between the two of you, and promotes an even deeper connection as you inhale and exhale slow and controlled.


Rag Doll Pose

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Yoga teachers constantly remind their students to release their head and neck and use their breath to allow them to fold further into the earth. With double rag doll pose, you get to experience that release together, using each other’s bodies to stretch deeper. Poses where you can look into each other’s eyes are extremely powerful, and with this one, you get a shift in perspective of the world and your partner.


Double Child’s Pose

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Child’s pose is a resting, restorative posture that helps us surrender both physically and mentally. It creates space in the body and calms the mind. Restore your relationship and allow yourself to melt into your partner. This pose is a perfect end to a partner yoga session.


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