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6 Tips For Finding Your Yogic Breath

Improve your breathing technique with the below tips.

If you practice yoga regularly, you’ve heard phrases like “Remember to breathe” and “Don’t hold your breath” many times. There’s a very good reason why yoga instructors constantly remind you to breathe: breathing is the essence of yoga and meditation itself! Without learning the proper breathing technique, you will not be able to fully take advantage of your poses or your practice as a whole. Read through the suggestions below to help you find your true yogic breath.

By Elisha Thompson


1. Be Aware

Start by being aware of your natural breath. Observe your breathing: is it short and shallow, or long and deep?

2. Inhale Through Your Nose

Fill your abdomen and notice how it expands like a balloon.  Once your belly is full, allow the breath to expand into your rib cage, widening the gap between your ribs.

3. Exhale Top Down 

As you exhale, release the air from top to bottom, from your rib cage down to your abdomen.

4. Focus on Temperature

Notice the coolness of the inhalation, and warmness of the exhalation.

5. Even Breaths

Focus on taking even inhalations and exhalations.

6. Use Your Nose

Try ujjayi (nose) breathing. This simple breathing simultaneously builds energy and aids in relaxation. To use ujjayi breath you both inhale and exhale through the nose. The key is to constrict the back of your throat as you exhale. Also known as ocean breathing, when done properly, your breath should sound like the waves of an ocean.


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