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5 Warning Signs That Your Body Needs Water

Make Sure You Stay Hydrated When You Have These Warning Signs

Did you know that the human body is made up 2/3 water? Water is so important that our bodies cannot go without it for very long. The benefits of staying hydrated are numerous and range from regulating body temperature to lubricating your joints and eyes. The problem is that many of us are so busy with our daily lives that we forget about staying hydrated. The key to staying hydrated is knowing when your body is need of more fluids.

The following article shares some warning signs your body will give you when you are getting dehydrated. Keep these in mind when you are out and about, especially during those hot summer months where sweating is common.

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1. Accelerated heartbeat

The proper body hydration affects your heart rate and performance. Namely, the lack of water in the body leads to more viscous blood and decreases the volume of the plasma, which leads to a circulation of the blood and accelerated heart rate.

A study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research in 2014 confirmed this, as the researchers discovered that due to dehydration, there is an average change of the heartbeat of three beats per minute for every 1% change in body weight.

Despite hypotension, the lack of water in the body can lead to alterations in the electrolytes levels in your body. This accelerates heart palpitations as a result of the extra stress on your body. Moreover, this situation can be the reason for fear, panic and anxiety.

If you experience these symptoms, you need to sip some water slowly, in order to check if your condition improves. If not, you need to consult your doctor.

2. Abrupt food cravings

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In numerous cases, we can mistake our thirst with hunger. Namely, we crave for food when our body needs water.  Hence, if you suddenly feel the need to eat something, you should first drink a glass of water before you get something to eat.

Furthermore, in the case of water loss and loss of electrolytes, the body has a great need for a salty food. In these cases, you should consume a sports drink which has sodium, or you can drink the mixture of some fresh lemon juice, a teaspoon of salt and a glass of water.

Moreover, you can also experience food cravings when the production of glycogen is difficult, so you need to eat some sweet, but also rich in water, fruits, like papaya, berries and watermelon.

3. Headaches and dizziness

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Due to the decreased amount of liquid which surrounds your brain, and it is needed for the protection from mild knocks, you may experience dizziness and migraines.

Moreover, you may also have headaches, which are caused by the reduced flow of oxygen and blood to the brain, due to dehydration.

Te report  published in the Handbook of Clinical Neurology in 2010 also proved that dehydration may lead to severe headaches and migraines. In the case of a headache due to dehydration, a glass of water can be as effective as pills.

4. Fatigue and lethargy

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Proper body hydration will keep you alert and energetic. Dehydration also causes lethargy and fatigue, as the lack of water in the brain leads to low blood pressure and insufficient supply of oxygen  throughout your body. Therefore, you may experience lethargic feelings, exhaustion and sleepiness.

The lack of water in the body also has disadvantageous effects in the transport of important nutrients to cells.  Due to all this, the body needs to invest extra efforts to sustain it, and spends additional energy, which leads to fatigue.

5. Brain fog or poor concentration

Apart from causing headaches, dehydration may also impede the function of the brain, so it will negatively affect your mood, memory and decision- making skills.

A study published in 2013 in Clinical Autonomic Research showed that the lack of water in the body is one of the major reasons for brain fog along with a lack of sleep, fatigue, and prolonged standing.

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