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5 Unexpected Signs That You Don’t Get Enough Protein

Pay Attention To Your Body

Protein is a very essential nutrient for your body. It provides many benefits to the body including recovery from strenuous activities like exercising to keeping you full and satisfied after consuming it. As with any important nutrient, proper amounts of protein are needed each and every day to maintain a healthy mind and body. So how does one know when they are not getting enough protein?

The following article reveals some unexpected signs that your body may not be getting enough protein. Please be sure to pay attention to these signs as not taking enough of this valuable nutrient can have some negative consequences.

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1. You feel weak

Muscle weakness and loss of existing muscle are signs that you may not be eating enough protein. When you don’t eat enough protein, your body will break down muscle to use as fuel and energy. Loss of muscle mass can slow down your metabolism, too.

2. You can’t lose weight

If you cut calories and protein in an effort to lose weight, you might actually be causing the opposite effect due to a slowed metabolism caused by reduced muscle mass. If you are trying to lose weight, you should eat more protein, since increased protein consumption is linked to eating less calories throughout your day as you will feel fuller longer. Also, the weight you lose will be from fat, not muscle.

3. Your hair is thinning

Protein is not just essential for muscle growth and development. It is also the building block of our cells, including our hair, skin and nails. To save energy and retain stored protein, your body will enter a resting phase in which it will not grow hair, resulting in hair loss or thinning.

 4. You are always hungry

There are a variety of reasons why you might be hungry, including dehydration, but you might also be lacking adequate protein in your diet. If you find that you are always hungry, or that you need a snack or two between meals, this might be your body’s way of telling you that you need to eat more protein at each meal. Protein evens out blood sugar and keeps you feeling satisfied until your next meal.

5. You crave desserts

If you are not just hungry, but you also specifically crave sweets, you might need more protein. Because protein regulates blood sugar and glucose levels, lack of protein might lead you to reach for a sweet treat. If you eat protein at each meal, you are less likely to have highs and lows with your blood sugar and those associated cravings.

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