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5 Steps to Master Bound Angle Pose

Looking to master Bound Angle Pose? Here’s how!

Bound Angle, while one of the more fundamental yoga poses, is one of the most challenging. Doing this pose properly requires open shoulders and hips and takes time and patience to get the form just right. When you practice Bound Angle, it’s important to complete all the steps of proper alignment to get you there.

Below are the five key steps to mastering Bound Angle Pose. Start with the first and work your way up to the full posture. Take your time and remember to listen to your body’s limits.

By Kelly Green


Step 1: Start in Extended Side Angle Pose

Side Angle

Start in a Warrior 2 stance with the feet. The bent knee should never pass nor cave to the inside of the toes. Ground down through the outer edge of the back foot. Tilt the arms to come into Extended Side Angle with bottom hand inside the foot reaching towards the floor (for purpose of where we want to go). Use the elbow to press the knee open while you tuck the pelvis, creating resistance to open the hip. Top arm reaches up and overhead, palm facing down. Spin the chest open to the sky, creating a mild twist.


Step 2: Start the Bind

Bind Prep

Take the top hand down to the ground and work the back shoulder through. By through meaning take the shoulder behind the knee like your trying to fit into a tiny package. Lift the back inner thigh. Ground down the outer edge of the back foot.


Step 3: Use a Yoga Strap

Yoga Strap

Take your strap in your top hand and whip it behind the hip. Make sure your top shoulder is rotating back. Turn your heart to the sky. Look up. Strap should be falling down towards the ground behind the front hip. Bend the top elbow to angle the strap where you want it.


Step 4: The Reaching Hand is the Grabber

Use a Yoga Strap

The bottom arm reaches under the body and grabs the strap. Lean in and under to get a hold of the strap. Walk the hands closer and closer down the strap, slowly gaining more range of motion in the shoulders and hips. You will probably feel the burn everywhere! Yes, that’s good.


Step 5: You Are Here!


Eventually you will find your fingers and claps the hands. And finally, once you open the body, you’ll be able to walk your hands close enough for your reacher hand to grab the top wrist. Relax and pull the top shoulder back with the grip of the bottom arm. Pull downwards with the bottom arm. Pull the belly in. Twist the heart open. Look up.

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