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5 Simple Poses for Good Health

Try these yoga poses to improve your overall health and well-being.

The practice of yoga offers a wide range of amazing benefits for your body and mind. Doing a full yoga routine on a regular basis is going to be the most rewarding, but if you have limited time, there are a few essential yoga poses that you just can’t skip over. These yoga poses are more basic but absolutely crucial for improving your health overall. Even if you just have ten minutes to devote to your yoga practice each day, spend those ten minutes on the five postures below and see how your body and mind will transform for the better.

By Jenn Dawson



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Seated twists are a great way to rid toxins from your body. Sit upright and swing legs to one side, bending at the knees. Reach arms around and twist back, facing the opposite way of your legs. Breath deeply into your belly. Switch sides and repeat.


Standing Forward Bend

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This simplistic asana is something that can be done easily and quickly. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. With a straight back, bend at the hips as far forward as is comfortable while exhaling. Arms may be crossed above the head, resting on the floor or on blocks.


Child’s Pose

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This asana is beneficial for deep pelvis compression and relaxes the body. Sit with knees tucked underneath the buttocks and with heels flexed. Bend forward until your head rests on the floor. Reach arms out in front as far as they will comfortably go. You may place a blanket under your forehead if you need the assistance and comfort.


Bound Angle Pose

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While packing on the health benefits, the bound-angle pose helps prepare for other beneficial asanas you may wish to add to your practice, such as tree pose. With your first and second fingers, grab both big toes. Don’t force the knees down, but let gravity bring the legs toward the ground.


Corpse Pose

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While the name sounds alarming, it is the most calming asana there is. Better sleep is sure to come with the practice of corpse pose. Lie on your back. Legs are comfortably hip-width apart. Arms are resting at your side, palms facing upward, relaxed. Eyes are relaxed or closed. Breathe deeply. Relax every part of your body. Remain here for 5-30 minutes, taking care to roll to one side to exit the pose slowly and thoughtfully.


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