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5 Proven Tips To Lose Weight Fast

Start Shedding Pounds Today With These Tips!

It’s not easy to lose weight. Everyone’s body is different and everyone loses weight differently. While we may not be able to solve the genetic code behind losing weight anytime soon, there are some simple, but effective ways to lose weight.

The following timeless tips will help get you back on track to losing weight. If you have strayed off the path the past few weeks, these tips will help correct you put you back in the right direction to a healthier lifestyle.

See the tips below and share them with those in your life that could use some help getting back into their groove.

By Leah

1. Stop Eating Junk

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It’s that simple. Just stop putting junk into your body. If you eat crap, you’ll look like crap, and you’ll feel like crap. You are what you eat and you eat what you are. If you are lazy, you eat “lazy food” or, in other words, total junk that takes 1 minute to heat up, or 30 seconds to order on the phone.

Losing weight is not rocket science. Make a choice. How bad do you really want it? Do you really want to lose weight, and be sexy as hell, or you just say you want it. There’s a big difference. If you really, really, REALLY wanted to lose weight – you wouldn’t be overweight in the first place. Decide how important this is in your life.

People that really want to stay in shape and lose fat do not consume crappy, oily, heavy food. So stop eating junk. That’s the first and most important step to losing weight.

2. Exercise Everyday

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If you can’t put aside 30-45 minutes per day to exercise, then you’re not serious about weight loss, you’re just kidding yourself. 30-45 minutes per day is NOTHING compared to the happier life you’ll have once you look your best and feel like a queen.

I often see women that have this… really dumb image of weight loss… they think it’s something painful where you literally have to STARVE yourself to death. You don’t! Just don’t eat crap, and exercise every day. It’s that simple.

You don’t even have to count calories! If you work out, but you eat crap, then you’re wasting your time. If you eat okay food, but you never saw the gym in your life – again, you won’t have any significant results to show. You need both – good food and good exercise, not junk food and no exercise, or junk food and some exercise (then you’re just wasting your time).


3. Check Out What Your Body Reacts Badly To

Some people eat all day and they never get fat. They eat junk food, oily stuff and totally don’t care about what they put into their body – but they’re still skinny. How do these girls do it? They have a different (faster) metabolism.

It’s possible that you digest food too slowly, or just not quite right. When you have a faster metabolism, you digest food faster and your body is cleaner. Go and check which foods your body does not react well to. Maybe you eat potatoes, but your body has problems with digesting it, or you eat a lot of bread, or tomatoes, anything – your body could be less tolerable of it.

It’s possible that just by eliminating some foods from your diet, you’ll lose weight with very little, to almost no effort what so ever. Test yourself and see.

4. Make It a Lifestyle, Not a Temporary Job

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Most people look at weight loss and think about quick and easy ways to do nothing, but burn a bunch of calories (with pills) in no time.

Forget about all that nonsense. Don’t try to lose weight overnight! It’s a myth. Whoever tells you different, just wants to scam you out of your hard earned cash.

Don’t be a sucker. Instead of viewing weight loss as something quick, look at it from a long-term perspective. Being fit and healthy is a way of life. You always eat good food, you take care of your body, and you work out regularly. It’s that simple.

When you adapt this lifestyle you never get out of shape or overweight – you always feel and look your best. Nobody expects you to be an athlete, but give your best to stay in shape, if not because of others (your partner), then because of yourself.

Adapt a new lifestyle. You will feel so much better psychologically, you’ll radiate with a positive energy that draws people towards you instead of pushing them away.

5. Stop Watching TV

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If you can watch TV for 45 minutes a day (and usually, get absolutely no value out of it), and then you say you have no time to exercise, or prepare healthy food – who are you kidding?

Throw that TV out of your house. You don’t need it for anything. It just fries your brain and wastes your energy. It also makes you a better consumer (Professional at spending money on stuff you don’t need).

Here’s a fact: on average, people that have a TV are more likely to be overweight than people that don’t. Why? You sit more. You eat snacks and junk food to keep you doing something – anything – while looking at the screen with a dumb, entertained face.

You see so many unrealistically good looking people in commercials and TV series that you start feeling depressed and insecure, then you eat more so that you suddenly feel better, for 10 minutes. Don’t be a sucker – out with the TV (especially if it’s in your bedroom!). On with the running shoes. Hit the streets.

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