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These Poses Will Help You Deal With Your Desk Job

Sitting At A Desk All Day? These Poses Will Help!

Sitting at your desk all day is never fun, and your back suffers just as much as you do.

If your line of work requires you to stay in a chair for most of the day, then you probably realize the negative effects that this can have on your body.

Besides poor posture, you may experience neck strain, hunched back, and sciatica pain. But fear not, there is hope. Recovery from these symptoms is possible.

Perform these stretches before you sit down at your desk and you will notice the difference.


1. Forward fold stretches out your spine.

How to: Inhale your arms upward and fold your body forward, reaching your fingers to the ground. Keeping your legs straight is not necessary, so bend your knees until you feel comfortable.

Benefits: Forward fold is an ultimate relaxer, helping out your digestive system while elongating your spine.

2. Modified cobra makes pain vanish.

How to: Starting on your stomach, press your arms toward the floor. Looking upward, open your chest.

Benefits: Cobra relieves lower back pain and strengthens abdominal muscles.

3. Sphinx pose takes a load off your lower back.

How to: Laying on your belly with arms forward, align your elbows with your shoulders. Stretch upward.

Benefits: Sphinx eases lower back pain while lengthening the spine.


If you keep up with these every day, you will notice the difference. Happy Stretching!

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