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5 Songs That Are Perfect For Your Yoga Playlist

These Songs Will Get You In The Zone!

If you’ve ever thought about creating a playlist for a yoga session, it can be very challenging trying to come up with a list of songs that can get you in the right mood. Building a playlist is not easy. Trying to put together random songs and expect the yoga class or personal practice, to flow properly is a mistake. It takes time, thoughtfulness, vision, and a good sense of music to put together a good playlist.

Choosing the proper songs for a yoga class can make or break the vibe of the class. If you have the wrong type of music playing, it can really throw off the mood you are trying to create. Yoga is all about mindset so any music that plays during a session should translate accordingly with the vibe you want to convey.

The following article shares 5 songs that are perfect for any yoga playlist. These songs can fit into any flow you are planning to practice.

See the songs below and be sure to share this with your friends who are looking for some new songs to add to their practice playlists.



1. “French Exit” (SNRF version) by The Antlers.
Both calming and energizing, just like ujjayi breathing.

2. “Africa” by Cottonbelly Remix.
I heard this song while watching the incomparable Sarah Tomson Beyer do one of her patented Flowmotion sequences. You can watch it here:


Now, I couldn’t quite pull off the re-creation of this incredible flow, but I did snag the song on Spotify, and it delights me every time I play it.
3. “Crush” Metaform.
This song has some vocals, but no lyrics, and it’s perfect for that arc in class when things are dialing down, but you’re not yet headed for savasana.

4. “To Be Alone” by Hozier.
If you don’t feel something when you hear this song, be concerned.

5. “I” by Benn Jordan.
A sweet, calming, and lovely savasana song.


To you health and wellness!

See the full playlist from Yogi Approved.


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