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Easy Poses To Reduce Belly Fat!

Try These Poses To Reduce Your Waistline

We all hate excess belly fat. Belly fat is the most stubborn and difficult type of fat to lose. One way to reduce this fat effectively is with proper nutrition and Yoga.

Here are some simple yet effective exercises to help you remove that annoying fat.

#1 Cobra posture (Bhujang asana)

The Cobra strengthens your abdominal muscles that run up your entire upper body and your back. It reduces belly fat, too.

#2 2. Pontoon posture (Naukasana)

The Pontoon is great for losing belly fat while strengthening not only your abs, but your back muscles and legs.

#3 Plank (Kumbhakasana)

It may look easy, but it works the entire body, and strengthens your core.

For the most effective results, make sure to perform these asanas 3-5 times daily for 3 days a week.
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