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5 Beginner AcroYoga Poses

Introduce yourself to AcroYoga with these beginner poses.

The practice of AcroYoga combines acrobatics with yoga to form a unique yoga style unlike any other. If you’ve been looking for a way to liven up your yoga routine with something new and different, AcroYoga could be just what you’re looking for!

Before you try the below poses, it’s important to remember a few things to stay safe and prevent injury. First, be sure to have a spotter when practicing AcroYoga poses with your partner, because you’ll need someone to be there to catch you if you start to fall and also to ensure you’re using the correct form. Second, be honest with yourself and your partner about your skill level, and work your way up to the more challenging poses over time.

By Michelle Stanger


1. Front Bird Pose
Front Bird is a great AcroYoga pose for beginners because the yogis are more stable with their hands clasped and their shoulders and hips stacked to create a more solid foundation. The transition into this pose is great practice for the flyer to keep their body fully engaged and the base to learn how to balance the flyer.


Let’s try it:

  • The flyer begins facing the base at the back of the mat
  • The base places their feet on the flyer’s hips. If the base has very tight hamstrings, they can place a blanket or bolster under their hips to give them more range of motion during your practice
  • The flyer connects hands with the base and leans slightly forward to transfer their weight onto the base’s feet
  • Be sure the flyer keeps their entire body fully engaged
  • To come out of Front Bird Pose, the base slowly bends their knees to allow the flyer’s feet to connect with the mat


2. High Flying Whale Pose
High Flying Whale Pose is an amazing heart opener and assist to help lengthen the thoracic spine for the flyer. The base uses their feet to give the flyer a great surface to find extension in this supported backbend. The flyer can also use this pose as a shoulder opener as well by exploring different movements with the arms.


Let’s try it:

  • The flyer begins facing away from the base with their feet framing the base’s neck
  • The base grips the flyer’s ankles and places their feet on the flyer’s upper back, framing the flyer’s spine
  • While keeping their whole body engaged, the flyer leans back to accept the support of the base’s feet
  • As the flyer’s weight is transferred onto the base’s feet, the base begins to lift the flyer’s legs off the mat
  • The base and flyer stay in communication regarding the flyer’s intentions for this backbend and how long they would like to remain in this pose
  • To come out of High Flying Whale Pose, the base slowly uses their feet to bring the flyer back to standing


3. Throne Pose
Throne Pose is a fun pose to test a little more balance while in the pose and during the transition. To keep everyone safe and stable, be sure to keep the flyer’s hips stacked on top of the base’s hips and knees of the flyer stacked over the shoulders of the base.


Let’s try it:

  • The flyer begins facing away from the base with their feet framing the base’s neck
  • The base gently grips the flyer’s ankles for stabilization
  • The base then lifts their legs to bring their feet toward the flyer
  • The flyer slowly bends the knees to sit on the base’s feet
  • While staying in constant communication, the base then lifts the flyer’s feet one at a time to place the flyer’s feet on the base’s palms
  • Once the weight has been transferred, the base slowly presses the flyer into the full Throne Pose
  • The flyer can bring hands to heart center or play with different arm variations
  • When ready to exit the pose, the base can slowly extend the flyer’s legs and move their hands to the flyer’s ankles, then slowly bend their knees to allow the flyer’s feet to meet the mat


4. Folded Leaf Pose
I am not going to lie. Folded Leaf Pose makes me laugh. It is actually a wonderfully therapeutic pose, but it is hard for me to relax when I keep giggling. If you are able to hold your baring better than I am, you can enjoy an amazing release of tension in your spine.


Let’s try it:

  • The base and flyer setup for Front Bird Pose as listed above, except the base’s feet turn out slightly to create a “V” shape on the flyer’s hips
  • This small adjustment with the base’s feet will give the flyer the space needed to fold their torso over the base’s legs
  • Once the feet are set up, the flyer can release their hands and “hang” their torso over the base’s legs
  • When you are ready to release the pose, connect hands and invite the flyer to slowly come into Front Bird Pose
  • Then the Base can slowly bend their knees to let the flyer come to standing
  • Be sure the flyer takes their time to stand back up after being inverted for a longer period of time


5. Dancer’s Pose
Do you want to try Dancer’s Pose upside down? Go for it! This is a fun heart opener with all of the benefits of being inverted. The base provides great stabilization for the for the flyer to explore a deeper backbend, shoulder opener, and chest opener.


Let’s try it:

  • The flyer begins at the back of the mat facing away from the base
  • The base places their feet on the flyer’s low back and the flyer grips the base’s ankles for extra stability
  • The flyer begins to shift their weight onto the base’s feet, and the base brings the flyer’s hips stacked on top of theirs, while holding the flyer’s shoulders for support
  • Once the flyer and base feel stable, the flyer can extend one leg toward the sky
  • Then, the flyer can reach back for the other foot to complete the pose
  • Just like standing Dancer’s Pose, the flyer can gently kick their foot into their hand and find a deeper chest and shoulder opener
  • When you are ready to release the pose, the flyer slowly releases the foot and brings the top leg down. The flyer can once again grab the base’s ankles for support as the base bends their knees and brings the flyer’s feet to the ground

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