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4 Poses To Burn Lower Belly Fat

Remove Lower Belly Fat With These Poses!

When fat gets stored in the lower belly, it can become both unsightly and highly annoying. Lower belly fat makes wearing jeans and underwear much more difficult and could require you to go a size up in your waistline. While a healthy diet and exercise is the best remedy for losing weight around the belly, performing proper yoga asanas can also help. Keep in mind that everyone’s body is different and targeting a certain area is not always going to guarantee success.

The following poses are designed to work the lower belly. Keep your ab muscles engaged during these poses for the best results.

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By Aadita Shah

1. Uttanpadasana: (Raised Foot Pose)


This classic pose is reportedly one of the most effective postures. Not only it helps in getting rid of the dreaded lower-belly fat, hips and thighs, the raised leg pose is also great in treating back pain.

2. Camel and Your Core:

Camel and Your Core

Its very true you can work your belly and abs in the camel pose. In this pose your ab muscles start working very hard to support your gentle back-bend. To start this pose kneel on your yoga mat and keep your shins and feet extended directly behind you. Place your hands directly on your hips, and start lifting through your sternum and gently press your hips forward.

3. Naukasana:


Lie flat on the floor with your arms by your side. With exhalation you lift both of your legs straight in the air and at the same time lift your upper body from the ground with your arms stretched out towards your legs. Hold the posture until you feel your muscles getting tired and slowly place your body back onto the floor. Increase the length of holding the yoga posture with each time you practice.

4. Marjariasana or Cat Pose:

Marjariasana or Cat Pose

This is a very easy yoga pose that will help in lower the belly fat by contracting the abdominal muscles. Apart from melting the fat in your abdominal area, this asana will also improve the flexibility of your spine.

Sit on your knees and then raise your body in such a way that it is parallel to the floor. Your body weight should rest on your knees and palms. The knees should be spaced so that your body weight is equally distributed on both the knees. Keep a straight head pose. Lift your head in a way that your body takes a concave structure. Push your back down and lift your head. Tighten up your buttocks and abdomen to feel the contraction. Hold onto this yoga pose for 20 to 30 seconds initially and then keep it for a minute. Exhale and come back to the original position. Practice this 10 times in a day as a beginner and then work it up to 30 times a day


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To Your Health And Wellness!

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