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92-Year-Old Yogi Shares Secrets To Happiness & Longevity

Ageless Wonder Reveals Secrets To Happiness & Longevity

We all aim for a life full of happiness, good health, and longevity. When others ahead of us in life accomplish this, it’s always enlightening to learn from their experiences. Phyllis Sues is the prime example of someone you want to learn from. At 92, she is still living life to the fullest. In the following article, Phyllis shares her story and life lessons with us.

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by Phyllis Sues – From the time I could walk and talk, the word “challenge” has instinctually been my mantra. To this day, that mantra is what makes me who I am. Once you face a challenge, you can begin to accept it, and if you don’t face a challenge then you’ve lost an opportunity to take a chance.

Trapeze catapulted me into writing lyrics, music and blogs. Tango catapulted me into composing tangos. And although I didn’t have a clue that yoga was also waiting out there for me, there it was, the day my friend Scarlett dragged me to a class at the Hollywood YMCA.

My body was responding without too much pain or difficulty, and needless to say that class was the beginning of an incredibly gorgeous, powerful journey that I’m still on, and will continue for the many years that await me.

I found that in yoga, the time spent in between each pose is the real essence of the practice. I do yoga to live, and I live to do yoga. I know my life going forward depends on my yoga practice.


Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that jumping rope can be damaging to your body. I’ve been jumping rope two years and have experienced absolutely no pain. Think about what this can do for your cardiovascular system — pumping fresh blood and oxygen to your heart and lungs. Don’t be timid, just give it a try.

At birth you were given an amazing instrument — your body. It’s the only one you’ll ever get in this life, so love it, respect and honor it. Listen to it — it has a voice and wants to be heard.

Love what you do and love yourself. Take it from me, a regular, dedicated yoga practice is the key to a long and healthy life. It’s worth every breath you take. And while you’re doing that, remember to have fun. Because if you don’t have fun, then that’s no fun at all.

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