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3 Lower Back Stretches To Reduce Pain

Tired Of Back Soreness? These Stretches Can Help!

If you’ve ever felt tightness in your back, you know how uncomfortable and irritating this pain can be. For some of us, this back pain is worse than just some tightness. Many people suffer from chronic back pain. Struggling with back pain is not pleasant and any relief that can be provided to get through the day is crucial. While you can always take anti-inflammatory drugs to help ease your pain, this is not always the best solution.

A better alternative to helping reduce your back pain is yoga!

The following  stretches target the back and help stretch those muscles that are usually the culprits of most back soreness and pain.

See the stretches below and pass this along to your friends dealing with back pain that just doesn’t want to go away.

By Amber Scriven

2. Puppy Pose

puppy-dog-poseThis variation of Down Dog is wonderful if Child’s Pose is a challenge for your hips or ankles.

Try to create a straight line from your fingertips up to your hips, and keep your knees deeply bent. The more you bend your knees and push into your fingertips, the better the stretch becomes and the more relief you will feel.




4. Reclined Twist

Kristin - supine twistUnwind tight muscles with this delicious twist.

Both knees fall over to one side with your gaze in the other direction. Relax your shoulders so that you can soften your back muscles and release completely into your mat.

If you feel like you are holding any part of your body up, place a bolster or block there to support that limb. You really want to be completely soft to reap the benefits of this restorative pose.



6. Reclined Pigeon

Wind Relieving Pose Pavanamuktasana from Life BD 360Any kind of Pigeon Pose will do the trick, but if you are in pain, then stay on your back and try to release all four corners of your upper body to the mat.

You can always use a strap to pull your leg closer to your torso if you cannot reach your thigh. The idea behind using Pigeon Pose for a tight low back is that tight hips cause back pain to worsen.

Begin to open your hips, and gradually the pain will dissipate.



See the full list of stretches from doyouyoga here.

To Your Health And Wellness!


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